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kger   2006-09-19 23:36
I'd like to see the ability to move the task bar buttons around to change their order.

There are a few such tools out there, but UltraMon seems to interfere with them, keeping them from working well. Plus, those other programs don't know about UltraMon's extra task bars and which buttons are on what screen.
Christian Studer   2006-09-20 08:13
Thanks for the suggestion, will be considered for UltraMon 3.

Christian Studer -
Jack Brewster   2006-10-20 06:25
Just wanted to add a "me too" on this.

I recently stumbled upon this great freebie called Taskbar Shuffle which allows for drag and drop arrangement of the program buttons on the Taskbar.

Of course I didn't expect that it would work with UltraMon's toolbar since it's handled separately, but I wonder if it's possible for Taskbar Shuffle to be configured to support UltraMon?

Maybe you could talk to the the dev to see if it's something he could add support for?
Christian Studer   2006-10-20 08:30
Most likely that won't work.

I don't know how the application does the task ordering, but unlike the Windows taskbar, UltraMon taskbars don't offer an API to other applications for adding/removing tasks (some task arrangers do the ordering via this API).

Christian Studer -
Guy   2006-10-21 00:01
In that case, could you maybe add an option to middle-click on a program on the ultramon taskbar to close it, similar to the Firefox tab behaviour and the Taskbar Shuffle behaviour? That way I could just run TS for my main windows taskbar and Ultramon for the same behaviour on my second and third monitor.
Chris   2006-11-03 08:52
This I would pay an upgrade for.
Grady   2007-03-14 16:32
I would also like to add a me too on this. An excellent example program is

It seems like UltraMon is already providing some of this functionality. The killer feature here is to be able to re-order the tasks on a given monitor, either through a dialog or using a cool drag feature. The dialog provided by TaskArrange is pretty nice as a model.

This is important because, as a web programmer I often need three or four apps at a time and I prefer them to be in a specific order.
Allen   2007-03-25 10:05
I would like to add a 'me too' to this as well, however adding the option within ultramon to support windows-style grouping would be wonderful.

It's quite annoying to have 10 putty windows open with other things interspersed between.
Roman Rudenko   2007-03-29 20:13
As an avid user of UltraMon, I would be delighted to see rearrange via drag, as well as close with middle click functionality. Without that, my taskbar seems to resemble my desk - everything thrown around without any system or order ;).
deadfones   2007-03-29 21:45
In the meantime, a hack is to drag the windows off and back on the monitor--this adds them to the end. Do this in a particular order and they'll be arranged.
sentientpc   2007-04-16 04:31

I would like this feature to be added as well.

Chris   2007-07-19 05:53
me too! that would be great.
lumangoy   2008-10-20 01:08
bump. I'm interested in this too!
Dan   2013-10-18 15:21
Good idea.
André S.   2018-04-05 02:46

just wanted to add I would really love this feature. Shuffling taskbar buttons is a basic feature in the Windows 7 taskbar and I always try to rearrange the buttons on the additional task bars - but it doesn't work. Really annoying :(

I don't group taskbar button elements and I position them on the same positions every time to increase work performance.

Would be very cool if this feature could be implemented!
Christian Studer   2018-04-06 12:33
Currently there are no plans to add new features to the Smart Taskbar on Windows 7, but Taskbar Shuffle should work (see link above).

Christian Studer -
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