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Jarod_24   2006-09-21 17:42
Im was dabbling with the wallpaper changer script (Ultramon_ChangeWallpaperAuto.vbs) found at the scripts page.

Its quite a handy script to iterate through the wallpapers that have allready been created in ultramon, but that's the weakness too; you need to create the .wallpaper files beforehand, it is not possible to specify i.e a jpeg file or bitmap to use as the wallpaper.

So i opened the Default.wallpaper file in notepad, thinking that i'd might be able to create a small app that could generate a .wallpaper-file on the fly for the image my script would select. (i have 2 monitors and would like to have random images set for each monitor every 30 minutes)

The format was not straightforward to read, even different editors (notepad, context) displayed different result, and a simple replace of the path found in the file did not work (ok, i didn't try _that_ hard).

My request for the next version of ultramon is therefor to either provide options with UltramonDesktop.exe to be able to specify jpg/bmp/etc... files to load (this would probably we difficult since you also would need to state stretch/center, which monitor and so on), or to create a new .wallpaper format (xml style preferably) so that it would be possible to generate your own files.

If Ultramon is written in .NET then it's possible to use xml serialization to automatically generate xml data from an object and back (deserialize) again.

Of corse; if Ultramon comes out with it's own wallpaper rotater then that would remove the need for such a feature alltogether :)
Christian Studer   2006-09-22 09:01
A wallpaper changer which would support creating wallpapers on the fly is planned for UltraMon 3.

For more on the .wallpaper file format, see this thread.

Version 2 of the file format is described near the middle of the thread.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> the .Wallpaper file format (Ignore Previous Post)

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