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Rodge   2006-11-21 07:02
I have a triple panel display at work. At this point in time I forget what kind of video card is in it. I recently got some of the triple panel wallpapers from Digitalblashphemy. They work great. However, when I go to lock my PC, the screens apparently switch their order and the wallpaper is displayed incorrectly. Is there some way to override the screens changing when I lock it? This happens as soon as I hit ctrl+alt+del to get the option to lock.

Kyle   2006-11-26 04:38
I have triple monitor as well.

Asus geforce 6800 512 mb
PNY geforce 5200 128 mb

(also wallpaper from / but that doesnt matter)

I tried locking it and unlocking it without the same error. Next time you are at work, find the model of video card you have.
Rodge   2006-11-27 00:33
Nvidia Quadro NVS
Rodge   2006-11-30 07:23
Rodge   2006-11-30 07:43
Could I use a program like Photoshop to cut the 4800x1200 desktops into 3 1600x1200 desktops and arrange them so they look right after I lock my workstation? I downloaded and installed Ultramon which would allow me to do this, but I have no clue how to crop out certain sizes of the backgrounds.
Rodge   2006-11-30 11:07
Nevermind I figured it out. Digital blasphemy has an option to download the individual screens, and I just placed them in an order that would switch correctly when locked.
Mike   2008-09-02 11:16
I have a similar problem on a dual display setup. The primary display is a laptop screen and the secondary display is an LCD monitor (located to the left of the laptop). When I lock the computer, this setting seems to reverse. For example, originally I move left on my primary display and the cursor appears on the secondary display. After locking however, it forces me to move to the right in order to get my cursor onto the secondary display. Basically, it seems as if the positioning of the two displays is swapped.

This is my graphics card information if it helps:
EPerd   2008-12-10 09:55
I have the same problem and like the others have no fix. Will post one when I have one. Dual Radeon HD 3850 video cards. Thanks.
Chris   2009-02-12 02:18
Perhaps related... sometimes when I undock my notebook and the redock, my two screens get swapped. I go through the display properties to get left and right, primary and secondary correct again. But then my wallpaper is still swapped. The profile that I saved has the images swapped in them. I would have to go back to the profiles and browse for the correct images.
Robbie   2011-08-04 02:30
I'm having this same problem on a 3 monitor system as well, however, on mine, it just started happening recently, after I changed wallpapers. I've tried changing back to the previous setup, but no luck. No other configuration changes were made.

Did anyone ever come up with a solution to this. While it's not that big of a deal, it is kind of an annoyance.

Huey   2012-10-01 10:40
I too have the screen switch issue. I am running a dell lattitude E4310 using its screen as my primary, and i have a monitor conected via the port replicator. i have diferent wallpapers set on each screen. When i lock the screen the wallpapers swap, as the screens are of very different sizes, the images look awful. Makes it hard to promote the app when what most people see is this awful looking screens when i am away from my machine. :(

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Christian Studer   2012-10-02 07:46
Huey, are you on Windows XP? If yes, you could get this if desktop icons are hidden (right-click on the desktop, View > Show desktop icons unchecked).

Christian Studer -
mike lewis   2013-06-11 05:33
I am having a similiar issue on Windows 7. Every time I lock my computer and then unlock it, all windows have moved to my main monitor/taskbar. I usually have 5-10 windows open so I have to go into each and move some of the windows back to my secondary monitor. What can I do to keep this from happening?
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