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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> stretch image over 2 monitors with one slideshow screensaver???
BIONICSTAR   2007-09-10 12:39
Please help. I have some really cool wallpapers that are 3360x1050 resolution and I'd like the slideshow screensaver to display them across 2 monitors so it takes up both displays. Currently, it keeps doubling up and displaying the image on each monitor compressed. Is there a tweak or an additional program I can use? Thanks in advance!

Im running UltraMon 3.0, WinXP Pro, NVIDIA GeForce44200, Dell D800 laptop in a dock, dual Dell 20" widescreen monitors
Christian Studer   2007-09-11 09:21
Are the wallpapers set up via UltraMon?

If yes, you could use the wallpaper screen saver add-on to do this.

Christian Studer -
BIONICSTAR   2007-09-11 13:50
Still not working. I installed the UltraMon Wallpaper Screensaver and have set the Wallpaper to use UltraMon Wallpaper and that is working. However, when I go into the UltraMon screensaver and try to configure it to use the UltraMon Wallpaper on both screens its not working.

Couple things I've noticed:

1. I changed the Wallpaper background color to blue and when I try to preview the screensaver the screen flashes blue for a second. Before this it was just black on both screens.
2. When I go into the UltraMon Screensaver settings there are no wallpapers to choose from.
3. I keep getting a Windows error and it shuts down the UltraMon screensaver. confused :)
gcdryden   2007-09-11 15:34
Unfortunately I don't think you can do this. I have triued every possible way that I can think of to do this myself.
Christian Studer   2007-09-12 09:04
To set this up, go to Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver and select the UltraMon Wallpaper screen saver as your active screen saver.

The screen saver has built-in multi-monitor support and doesn't need to be run via UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
BIONICSTAR   2007-09-13 11:29
I did what you said and then setup the screensaver using UltraMon so both monitors use the UltraMon Wallpaper as the screensaver and then clicked preview and the screen flashed blue for a second and then both screens stay black. I do get a Microsoft error saying the UltraMon Wallpaper has encountered an error and needs to close.
Christian Studer   2007-09-14 09:40
Don't set this up via UltraMon, that's most likely what causes the problem.

You only need to select UltraMon Wallpaper as your screen saver in Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver, no further configuration is necessary.

Christian Studer -
faimage   2013-06-13 00:35
rasteredge can do the job you are talking. it stretch image c# and make good use of the wallpaper.
salvatore   2013-06-27 01:04
Using some professional image processing tools is a better choice for you than stretch image over 2 monitors with one slideshow screensaver using CODE.
You can google some of them.
BTW, I am testing the related SDKs, so we can have a communication later.
I hope you success.

Best Regards,

.NET Barcode Plugin|Image Processing SDK

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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> stretch image over 2 monitors with one slideshow screensaver???

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