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Christian Studer   2007-12-19 09:07
I have uploaded an update for the Smart Taskbar in 3.0 Beta 2 which should fix the problem with phantom task buttons:


To install the update, close UltraMon, then extract the ZIP file to C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Please let me know if this fixed the issue on your system, or if you encounter any issues.

Christian Studer -
Steve mikkelson   2007-12-19 10:15
downloaded and no phatom bars yet lets hope it works!!
Fred   2007-12-19 12:45
Huzzah! Works for me!

Neal   2007-12-19 21:44
Still not working here:( Why can't you just put the Refresh menu item back the way it was in the prior version. It a real pain the A** having to keep doing the following every hour or so.

1. Right the click UltraMon tray icon
2. Select Options
3. Click on the Smart Taskbar tab
4. Unckeck "use Smart Taskbar"
5. Click Ok
6. Right the click UltraMon tray icon
7. Select Options
8. Click on the Smart Taskbar tab
9. Check "use Smart Taskbar"
10.Click Ok

In the last version (which I've now had to reinstall on vista)
1. Right right click Smart taskbar
2. Select Refresh
DaveL   2007-12-20 03:11
This seems to take care of the problem in my case (Visual Studio 2003 on WinXP). Will continue to try it out, thanks!
Christian Studer   2007-12-20 09:56

you can quickly restart the Smart Taskbar with the RestartSmartTaskbar script.

Is there a way to reproduce the issue you're seeing, for example it happens when launching a specific application? Are you using the 32- or 64-bit version of Vista?

Christian Studer -
David Kaufman   2007-12-20 18:44
Beta 2 has nicely solved all my Smart Taskbar issues (and I had plenty!) on XP.

Thanks and great work!
Steve Brereton   2007-12-26 20:42
I was getting a few phantoms, but hadn't tracked the specific app down.
I've installed update 1 and will keep an eye open!
Update 2 if that's no better....
Anderson Imes   2007-12-28 00:29
Vista users may start getting a security popup after installing this update.

You have to right-click on the UltraMonTaskbar.exe file in c:\Program Files\Ultramon and go to Properties. At the bottom of the property pane you may see an "Unlock" button, indicating that this program came from the internet and is untrusted. Click unlock to remove the security popup.
Dave O.   2008-01-10 05:26
I was also experiencing addtional items in the SmartTask bar from Context Menus and the like. I updated with above patch for UltraMonTaskbar.exe and it seems to have fixed my problems. Thanks!!!!!!
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