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Mike Katz   2009-04-17 14:51
On my laptop I sometimes have it docked with an external and sometimes undocked with only the internal lcd monitor.

Some applications remember where they last were opened or closed and try to reopen themselves in that same position and/or monitor. However, if the application was opened on the external monitor when the laptop was docked and then opened when the laptop is undocked the application will open on the non-existant monitor. The only way to bring the application back is to go into the registry and remove the last used location for that application.

Is there anyway that Ultramon can for an application to only open windows on an available monitor, regardless of what the application requests?

Mike Katz
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Christian Studer   2009-04-18 08:03
UltraMon currently doesn't have a feature to move all offscreen windows back to the visible desktop, support for this will be considered for a future release.

Moving the window with a Move Window hotkey should work fine though, you can configure hotkeys under UltraMon Options > Hotkeys.

Christian Studer -
B.O.B.   2009-10-20 15:50
Please seriously consider this feature in future releases, as I also have the same problem, and it's at times a great annoyance to move the window back onto the primary.
Kyle Peschel   2013-12-20 16:53
I too wish I had this feature.

Macbook Pro running Parallels. When docked I have 2 external monitors. As I work in a meeting and come back to dock several windows are launching offscreen .
DT   2013-12-20 17:16
I've used the Ultramon script "MoveOffscreenAppsToPrimary.vbs" to fix this issue.
SB   2014-09-10 08:53
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Opening a window off screen

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