Uses for multiple monitors:

Kyle, Jul 21 2004

Config 6361
WinXP, 3 monitors, 2 video cards
Intel Mobo
300w Power Supply(weak I know)
P4 - 2.53 GHz
512 mb pc3200
512 mb pc3200
WD 120 gb 7200 rpm 2mb cache
WD 80 gb 7200 rpm 2 mb cache
HP DVD writer 200i
Memorex CD Burner 52x 24x 52x
Leadtek tv card
Cyber Acoustics 3 piece speaker set.
Card 1:
AGP, Nvidia GeforceFX 5200 chipset
Trying to get TV to be my 4th monitor. Latest drivers.
Card 2:
PCI, Nvidia GeforceFX 5200 chipset
No problems. Latest Drivers