Reviews und Empfehlungen

"Habe dann vor einigen Wochen (erst!) UltraMon entdeckt. Doch ich habe es dann sofort in mein Herz geschlossen."
Albert Weinert, 9. Dez. 2008
"Die Software UltraMon bietet viele kleine Extras für eine ideale Multi-Monitor-Nutzung."
Johannes Ehrmann,, 20. Dez. 2007
"Windows XP unterstützt zwar ein Multi-Monitor-System, bietet aber nur wenige entsprechende Funktionen an. Ganz anders das Tool "UltraMon". Es wartet mit einem ganzen Kanon nützlicher Tools auf, die der Anwender sehr gut gebrauchen kann."
Carsten Scheibe,, 2. Jul. 2004

Reviews und Empfehlungen in anderen Sprachen:

"You will be hard pressed to find an easier to use and more efficient tool to manage your multi-monitor system. UltraMon is a definite must for any multi-monitor configuration."
FindMySoft, 18. Apr. 2011
"UltraMon is a great and powerful application that provides particular benefits to those who don't mind a little scripting."
think digit, 8. Feb. 2011
"UltraMon is a necessary purchase for web developers and systems testers when using multiple monitors - I wouldn't be without it. We just bought three new licenses."
Andrew Hemming, Snuko, 27. Okt. 2010
"My love, though, is UltraMon. Among its many valuable features, UltraMon gives you features you can't get using Windows' native dual-monitor support."
TechBite, 11. Sep. 2010
"UltraMon has a very intuitive interface that anyone can learn how to use it quickly."
SoftSailor, 28. Jun. 2010
"If you’re running a multiple monitor setup, there is almost no reason as to why you shouldn’t be using UltraMon."
The PC Report, 6. Jun. 2010
"UltraMon offers powerful tools for users of multiple monitors to get more out of that kind of configuration."
PCWorld, 13. Apr. 2010
"Vensters verplaatsen en vergroten gaat beter met de extra knoppen die UltraMon in iedere titelbalk plaatst."
Computer!Totaal, 7. Apr. 2010
"If you own a multiple monitor user set-up and are something of a power user, routinely spawning new programs windows with gusto, then we’d say it easily justifies the cost."
wirefresh, 9. Feb. 2010
"UltraMon absolutny numer 1 w pracy na wielu monitorach"
Robert Stuczynski, Microsoft MVP, 20. Jan. 2010
"This amazing little piece of software will allow you to multitask better than ever before with more than one monitor hooked up to your computer."
TopGearFordGT, 17. Apr. 2009
"Better yet, enlist the help of a dual monitor utility such as UltraMon, which gives dual- monitor users lots of nifty tools."
The Earth Times, 28. Feb. 2009
"This application, especially the smart taskbar, is a must for every dual monitor user."
Anders Jensen, Amews Tech, 22. Feb. 2009
"Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product! I bought it for my work PC a while back, but didn't need it at home because I only had a single monitor. I upgraded my home desktop to dual 22" LCD screens, and found I was struggling due to lack of the Taskbar on the second monitor and not being able to easily send a window to the other monitor. I immediately went to your website and bought another license."
Ken White, 19. Feb. 2009
"UltraMon's wealth of options makes it easily the best program of its kind for multiple monitors."
Serdar Yegulalp, InformationWeek, 31. Jan. 2009
"Ultramon adds numerous tricks essential for multi-monitor setups."
Office Watch, 15. Jan. 2009
"I have searched for a quality product to manage my multiple display setup. Bar none, UltraMon is the answer. Everything that you want to do, UltraMon does it... easily moving a window from one screen to another, presenting different wallpapers, running multiple screensavers, running a screen saver on my secondary monitors while still using my primary (with the free download of the screensaver player), you name it, UltraMon does it. Do not think twice, UltraMon is your answer. Great job Realtime Soft!!! 5 Stars!"
Michael Horsey, 7. Jun. 2008
"UltraMon software offers a lot of neat functions to organize your two desktops", 23. Mai 2008
"Deux visiteurs de Technaute m’ont parlé d’un produit complémentaire, le patagiciel UltraMon, un programme que je ne connaissais pas et que je me suis dépêché de mettre à l’essai. Ce fut une bonne idée puisqu’au terme, j’ai décidé de le conserver pour de bon dans ma machine Vista."
Nelson Dumais, 1. Feb. 2008
"If you're going to get dual monitors and you're expecting half a decent experience, don't go without UltraMon."
Herbert Lui, APH Networks, 6. Jan. 2008
"I’ve noticed people talking about using UltraMon as a "must have" if you use multiple monitors. Frankly, I couldn’t see how it could get much better, but after using it for just a couple days, I’m hooked!"
Peter Kellner, 6. Jan. 2008
"Bref, je dois l'admettre: je suis vraiment très très emballé par ce produit et je vous le recommande sans hésitation !"
Thomas Lebrun, 3. Jan. 2008
"Programs Which Every Multi Monitor Setup Should Have: Ultramon"
x86 Virtualization, 31. Dez. 2007
"UltraMon includes all the multi-monitor features you want in one package."
Gina Trapani, Lifehacker Australia, 3. Nov. 2007
"I have been using UltraMon on a multiple monitor setup, for a long time, now. It works flawlessly, and is easy to set up and use. Congratulations, for a nice product. Highly recommended."
Steven Potter, Spottek Systems, 9. Sep. 2007
"UltraMon is a program that on top of managing multiple monitors effectively also adds many functions that many multiple monitor users swear by. Personally it is one of the first programs I install after I install Windows, I consider it to be essential."
mmi, 9. Apr. 2007
"Although Windows XP gives you the ability to simultaneously use two or more monitors, it's limiting. UltraMon has a bunch of useful tools and functions."
Kim Komando, 24. Feb. 2006
"How anyone does this without UltraMon, I don't know. I can move windows from one screen to the other easily and have my own taskbar for each window. It fills a big gap in what Windows itself should provide."
Danny Sullivan, 23. Feb. 2006 and 14. Sep. 2005
"After running UltraMon for just a few minutes we realised that we could never go back to the clunky, fiddly ways of Windows, so for anyone looking to get the best out of their multi-screen set-up, we can thoroughly recommend the program."
Mike Slocombe, Digital Lifestyles, 23. Sep. 2005
"The Windows XP General newsgroup has many questions from people with similar complaints, and everyone gets the same answer: UltraMon."
Tony Northrup, Windows XP Expert Zone, 26. Jul. 2004
"The bottom line is that if you are using multiple monitors, UltraMon provides a lot of additional functionality that you will quickly view as invaluable once you start to use it."
Greg Shultz, TechRepublic, 22. Jun. 2004
"Having recently purchased a triple monitor system for my company, I was so excited at the prospect of using it to its fullest abilities. Unfortunately, Microsoft's software didn't allow me to fully explore everything this amazing system could do. There were too many glitches and I found myself wondering if I wasted my money.

Then, I heard about UltraMon utilities. After purchasing your software, I was amazed at all its capabilities. The Smart Taskbar is an extremely useful feature that allows me to navigate between monitors with the click of a button. It makes it easy to access open programs from all three monitors, and even creates extra window buttons that allows me to shift between screens effortlessly."
Robert Cassese, Submit Today - Search Engine Optimization Services, 23. Feb. 2004
"I quickly decided that UltraMon is a must have utility when working with multiple monitors."
Ottawa PC Users' Group, 11. Jun. 2003
"One of the best features of UltraMon is the Smart Taskbar. With this each taskbar only shows tasks from the monitor it is on."
r a a p i e, 11. Jun. 2003
"Wow! I have been using two monitors for years. Now that I am using UltraMon I am finally getting the functionality I wanted.", 27. Nov. 2002
"UltraMon ... is the No. 1 cool tool if you run more than one monitor on your PC."
Seattle Times, 12. Okt. 2002
"I highly suggest getting this software. It is able to fix most issues with Windows 2000 and Dual Monitor Cards."
"Do you have more than one monitor hooked up to your PC? If you do, UltraMon is an app that you should have. It enables you to manage what apps appear on what monitor, gives you a toolbar on any secondary monitor, and even includes "nice to have" kinda things like having a different screensaver or wallpaper on each monitor. It's got a whole bunch of features that you'll never use too, and that's always a good thing!", 31. Mai 2002
"I use UltraMon - if you have multi monitors it is a necessity IMHO."
Aziraphale, 18. Apr. 2002
"I came across UltraMon while browsing the desktop thread. Multi-Monitor was cool without it, but is a lot more cool and productive with it. If you have multiple monitors, you need this app."
Mikeqf, 30. Jan. 2002
"Another vote for ultramon...i cannnot go dually without it anymore"
robg1701, 3. Jan. 2002
"Excellent program for people who use multimonitors. Its already become a very useful tool for me. You can easily enable/disable secondary monitors, mirror one monitor to the next, and the hotkeys allow you to switch any program to another monitor, maximized or not. The new toolbar buttons and context menu buttons come in handy as well."
a_fire_inside, 1. Jan. 2002