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Christian Studer   2009-07-15 11:40
UltraMon 3.0.6 Beta has been released, this release has support for Windows 7 and several bug fixes. See the release notes for details, download here.

Christian Studer -
Josh   2009-07-15 17:11
Fantastic... thanks so much for getting this release out. It's nice to have Ultramon back to normal!
Ralph   2009-07-15 19:27
Absolutely PERFECT timing - my trial of DisplayFusion expires today :)

Thanks for adding the Windows 7 functionality, particularly impressive as it's 3 months until the OS is actually released.
Martin T   2009-07-15 20:11
Absolutely brilliant. Great job in getting this out, I can now go back to fully appreciating the multi-mon desktop setup I've become accustomed to.

Sent   2009-07-15 21:07
Awesome! :D

Works beautifully. I'm so glad I paid for Ultramon :)
Graham   2009-07-15 21:07
Nice - working great on win7 64bit.
David Lowther   2009-07-15 22:22
Thanks for this release. I was stranded in Windows 7 with no multi monitor support.
Lisa   2009-07-15 23:36
I installed the new release and still canot see the button up in far right hand corner. Please advise.

All I ca do is drag the window. Thanks
Lee Murawski   2009-07-16 00:51
>> still canot see the button up in far right hand corner. Please advise.

If you turned off the settings in the registry, you need to follow the instructions in the release notes to enable the buttons again.

Christian, thanks for the update. Works well so far. Keep up the great work.
jhuk   2009-07-16 01:39
Same as every other build, at times messes up my Desktop.

I still have to use the Script you gave me to avoid this issue.

I have came to the conclusion this software will never work 100% in Vista.

I may as well switch 2nd Monitor on using Nvidia CP as that's all I use it for anyhow.
Jason   2009-07-16 02:04
I am using Windows 7 RC with UltraMon 3.0.6. I am not seeing the move/expand windows buttons or options in the context menu when I right click the title bar. Also, the smart taskbar looks like the old XP/Vista taskbar even though the release notes say that it should match the windows 7 taskbar. I have verified that I have UltraMon 3.0.6 installed. Very strange.
jahlewis   2009-07-16 02:15
I installed Ultramon 3.0.6 on my Win7RC 32bit, and get the following error when trying to run it:

UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit.
More information:
Version: 3.0.6
OS: 6.0.6000 x32
Source file: .\ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp
Line: 89
Return value: 0
Last error: 1814
Doug Rhoten   2009-07-16 02:23
Installed the new version on Vista 64bit, and the first time it ran it raised the following error.

Version: 3.0.6
OS: 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 x64
Source file: .\TaskBand.cpp
Line: 786
Return value: 0
Last error: 1400
JamesTX10   2009-07-16 03:19
I am running win 7 64 bit with 3 monitors.

1 * 2 * 3

Monitor 2 is my main monitor. The only issue that I have ran into so far is with the smart taskbar. On monitor 3 it will display the windows on that monitor but it will not respond to a left click. Right click will bring up the menu but I can not left click to bring a window to the active window state. This only happens on monitor 3. Monitor 1 works fine. Any ideas?
J.R. Lillard   2009-07-16 03:40
I'm having the same smart taskbar issues with my Windows 7 x64 install. I have 4 monitors though. 2 of the taskbars don't respond to clicks. I reordered my screens at one point and that seemed to change which taskbars didn't work. Right-clicking flashes the context menu real quick but that's it.
J.R. Lillard   2009-07-16 03:54
Would it be possible to add shift-click functionality to the smart taskbar? If I shift-click an icon in the Windows taskbar, it will open another instance of that program. Having that functionality on my other screens would be very convenient.
Mar   2009-07-16 04:29
Still getting an error message.

UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit.
More information:
Version: 3.0.6
OS: 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 x64
Source file: .\ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp
Line: 89
Return value: 0
Last error: 1814

Mar   2009-07-16 04:37
Crud....forgot to say I'm using Windows 7 64bit.
Charles   2009-07-16 04:53
Installed without issue on Win7 RC1 64 bit. The new task bars look great and match the Win7 task bar.

On 2 of my 4 monitors though I can't click an icon to change between windows. The icon is there but doesn't work with a left mouse click. A right mouse click will switch the window but also brings up a context menu (annoying).

Interestingly enough, the taskbar icons aren't responsive on monitors 2 and 4 but work fine on monitor 1 (3 is my primary).

My monitors are numbered 1-4 from left to right when I do an "Identify" within Windows.

Charles   2009-07-16 05:00
I would agree with what J.R. Lillard wrote about some sort of shift-click to clone a window.

I'll go a step further and ask for the same functionality that you get on the main Win7 taskbar. That works for me. ;)

Christian Studer   2009-07-16 05:51
Thanks for the feedback.

You'll get the fatal error in ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp if UltraMon is run in Vista compatibility mode. To fix this, go to C:\Program Files\UltraMon, right-click UltraMon.exe and select Properties from the menu, then select the Compatibility tab and uncheck 'Run this program in compatibility mode'. Also do this if you're still seeing the old look on the taskbar.

Doug Rhoten, did you get the error again, and if yes, did you notice anything which seems to cause the issue?

I've been able to reproduce the issue with the taskbar not responding to left clicks on a 3-monitor system, a patch or new release will be made available once this has been fixed.

Christian Studer -
Jason   2009-07-16 06:06

You fixed all the problems I mentioned above with your suggestion to disable compatability mode. THanks!
Michael Rennhack   2009-07-16 06:15
Thank you for releasing UltraMon™ 3.0.6 for windows 7 more than 3 months early. I'm running Win7 RC 7100 64 bit with 4 monitors, and it works perfectly. Thank you very much.
J.R. Lillard   2009-07-16 06:39
Being able to rearrange the taskbar items would be nice too.
Patrick Bateman   2009-07-16 07:40
Relief washes over me in an awesome wave.
Michiel   2009-07-16 08:24
I've noticed the Ultramon taskbar does not have the same functionality as the main (vista / 7) taskbar. Could you tell us why the ultramon taskbar does not have the same features? Is it because it's not possible, to difficult or have you just not found the time to build it?

Also, in Windows 7, when you shake a window, all other windows will drop. But after installing Ultramon, if I shake a window on the secundary screen, all windows will drop ONLY on the primary screen but not on the secundary screen... (Not that I use this functionality a lot tough)
Tim Davidson   2009-07-16 08:59
I just installed the newest version. On some applications, the menu selections do not appear until the mouse rolls over the selections.

Tim Davidson
Christian Studer   2009-07-16 11:30
Support for additional new taskbar features will be considered for a future release (not before 3.0 final though).

Aero Shake will only minimize windows which are on the main taskbar, this would need to be fixed/changed in Windows. If you switch the Smart Taskbar to mirror mode (UltraMon Options > Smart Taskbar) Aero Shake will work correctly because all tasks are on all taskbars.

Tim, I haven't seen this myself so far, with what applications do you have the problem, and which version of Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
Oli   2009-07-16 20:25
Brilliant release, working really well. Many thanks for your time in putting it together. Windows 7 64-bit with 2 monitors here.

One minor problem, is I have my smart taskbar on the right of my second problem. Every now and again, usually when running a fullscreen program on the first monitor, the smart taskbar decides to resize itself to half of the screen (even when its locked). Unlocking it and trying to resize it results in odd behaviour. The only solution I found was to move it to the bottom, resize it, then move it back to the side.
Christian Studer   2009-07-17 02:49
I've seen that as well occasionally, I'll look into this for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Mar   2009-07-17 02:59
Thanx Christian. I finally fixed the problem by turning off the Aero theme I had running (since it crashed Ultramon before it even started), then the Vista compatibility like you suggested, then disabling and then enabling the Smart Taskbar.

After that I was able to turn the Aero theme back on and it's working like a champ now.

Thank you again!
Tim Davidson   2009-07-17 07:55
Sorry that I didn't put in some more details:

Using Vista with all current SP's
The menu problem is occurring in UltraMon (right click on the system tray icon) and Foxit Reader.

Tim Davidson
Dave   2009-07-17 09:03
Sorry chaps but since the release of vista and ultramon still in beta, tried new one and have a bug in windows 7 with messenger showing on ultramon taskbar permanatly.

Ultramon was a great little program but the with a programming speed slower than a snail, I am afraid I am moving to Display Fusion it does all I want and more and it isn't in beta still and only $20 for the pro version.

If ultramon ever does get out of beta and into a stable program may consider using it again.
Christian Studer   2009-07-17 10:02
Tim, so far I haven't been able to reproduce the issue (tested with Foxit Reader 3.0), I'm also not sure what might cause this. If you find out anything else, for example it only happens if another application is running as well, let me know and I'll look into it.

Dave, I can't reproduce this issue, I have a permanent task button for Live Messenger (version 14.0.8064.206) on the main taskbar, but this also happens without UltraMon running. Let me know if I need to do anything special to reproduce the issue.

Christian Studer -
Daniel Neely   2009-07-17 10:04
Is there an option to disable ultramon's maximized window dragging support, and use areo snap instead?

While currently areo snap has teh lead in capability, this is one spot where ultramon could pull ahead. Snap doesn't have any way to drop a window on the interior halves of a multimon setup via the mouse.
Christian Studer   2009-07-17 10:06
You can do this under UltraMon Options > General, uncheck 'enable moving of maximized windows using the mouse'.

Christian Studer -
Andre   2009-07-17 14:14

Is it possible on a triple monitor to have a 1 and 2 and 3 buttons instead of the move window? The extra click to pick a monitor is undesirable, though not a deal breaker? Secondly is it possible to allow a keyboard combination to allow minimize on just 1 monitor.. IE control alt 3 to minimize all apps on monitor 3?
Christian Studer   2009-07-18 02:34
Currently not, will be considered for a future release.

Show Desktop is only available via right-click on the taskbar (or UltraMon icon on the main taskbar), but support for hotkeys is planned.

Christian Studer -
Michiel   2009-07-18 23:36
There is a strange thing happening on Windows 7, but i can't figure out if it's a Windows "bug" or a Ultramon one.

When I open a program, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, on my primary monitor (the one where the windows taskbar is), the next time I click the shortcut it will not open another instance of Outlook but just show the first one opened.
Now, when i move instance of Outlook to the secundary monitor and click the shortcut, it will open a second instance of the program.

I think i've seen this happening with other programs too, but can't reproduce it at this moment :-).
Des F   2009-07-19 00:29
It would be nice to have the Windows 7 preview mode when you hover over items in the taskbar. Also nice to have would be the indication that there are multiple windows open in an app.

Other than that I like the latest beta release on Windows 7, I was thinking I might have to try looking elsewhere, but I'll stay for now.
Ben   2009-07-19 01:42
Great release, works just fine on Win 7 x64 for me :)

Would love to see some of the win 7 features (Such as previews on hover etc), but it's not essential. Just having a taskbar on my second display alone is better than what windows seem to be able to do themselves!
Oli   2009-07-19 03:34
Michiel, I believe it's a windows thign. The same happens with programs that minimise things to the tray or where the windwos get hidden. Windows seems to assume that if there are no windows open for an application, clicking on it should start a new instance of application. When you move things onto the secondary monitor and the item is pinned, Ultramon removes it from the main task bar, thus making Windows think there are no windows and to start a new instance.

Not certain if this is exactly what happens, but it seems to be the case. I'd say it's more a problem with Windows, as it affects anything that hides things from the taskbar.
Christian Studer   2009-07-19 07:44
Michiel, to open a second instance of an application pinned to the taskbar, press SHIFT and click on the application's task button.

Christian Studer -
Daniel Neely   2009-07-19 14:07
If you have a 3 button mouse, the middle button will also open a new copy.

However what I think michael was referrring to was that if you've dragged the only copy of a pinned app from the win7 taskbar to the ultramon taskbar the win7 taskbar behaves as if there are zero copies of the app running isntead of switching to the open copy.
Michiel   2009-07-19 17:05
Daniel Neely and Oli, thanks for your respond. I meant what Oli wrote and I think Daniel got an reasonable explanation for it. Maybe it's a Windows thing, but could you look into that?
Alex   2009-07-20 01:54
thx for this great release :)
gerrod   2009-07-20 02:42
Hi there! I am also seeing the "fatal crash" error (though keep forgetting to take down the specifics, my apologies).

Basically I have Ultramon running on my Vista x64 PC at work and it's fine; however whenever I remote desktop into the machine (e.g. when connecting from home) Ultramon crashes immediately.

Any thoughts?
Christian Studer   2009-07-20 10:00
Daniel, I can't reproduce this, if I move the single instance of a pinned app to the monitor with the UltraMon taskbar, the icon for the pinned app on the main taskbar changes from task button to regular pinned app icon, as expected.

gerrod, I would need the text of the error message to look into this further, you can copy it by pressing CTRL+C.

Christian Studer -
Jeff Jenson   2009-10-02 10:10
Just wondering if you are planning on putting the feature where you hover over a menu item on the 2nd monitor to have a little preview box of the window come up like on the first monitor?

This is running Windows 7 Ultimate.
Christian Studer   2009-10-03 09:04
Support for task preview will be considered for a future release.

Christian Studer -
john   2009-10-26 08:07
there seems to be a growing demand for preview on the additional taskbars. Would be nice to see this as a reality soon!!!
archalien   2009-10-29 15:50
I too would like to voice support for mouse hover preview(win7), right click jump lists etc. Im on trial now, but would pay double asking price for those features included!

Dont know if bug or not implemented, but non-pinned menu item does not open new instance on shft click, and also firefox lost main taskbar icon after window move and wont return even after killing/restarting ultramon although still shows on secondary bar even when new instances launched show properly.

thx 4 the great work!
Christian Studer   2009-10-30 08:12
Do I need to do something special to reproduce the issue with Firefox? So far I noticed no problems when moving a Firefox window between monitors, I tested with Firefox 3.5.4.

UltraMon currently doesn't support launching a new application instance via shift-click on the application's task button.

Christian Studer -
archalien   2009-10-30 16:44
Thx for reply,

I have only had it happen once in 2 days of usage, so I have no steps to repro for you, if it happens again I will try to be more mindful of what I was doing and see if I can produce repo steps for you and post back on your board or email.

Thx for the great work dude!
David   2009-11-13 10:29
I just wanted to say that this software rocks! I did an upgrade of Vista Ultimate x64 to 7 Ultimate x64 and ultramon never stopped working!

Keep up the good work!
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