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Glyn   2009-11-18 05:25

UltaMon seems unable to save and restore my desktop icon positions. Some float, some revert to previous positions.

I've investigated the 'Vista bug' solution for the floaters, and yes, renaming did fix the initial problem but then others started to float.

I'm now in a situation where even if I manually save the positions using Ultramon, then move a uniquely names desktop icon, and then manually select restore positions the newly moved icon stays where it is.

Any ideas? Here is some information about my hardware.

My kit:

UltraMon v3.0.7 Beta on Windows 7 Professonal (64 bit) RTM. Intel Core i& 920. 6GB RAM. 2 video cards (Two ATI Radeon HD 4870X2). Four monitors: 1680x1050; 1920x1200; 1280x1024; 1024x768.

Info from UltraMon about my video hardware:
4 monitors
Current desktop: 5904x1200 (-2960,0 - 2944,1200)

Monitor 1 - Generic PnP Monitor:
Settings: 1680x1050, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: -2960,0 - -1280,1050. Workspace: -2960,0 - -1280,1020
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
Device: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Monitor 2 - Generic PnP Monitor (primary):
Settings: 1920x1200, 32-bit color, 59 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 1920,1200. Workspace: 0,0 - 1920,1170
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
Device: \\.\DISPLAY2\Monitor0

Monitor 3 - Dell 1503FP (digital):
Settings: 1024x768, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 1920,0 - 2944,768. Workspace: 1920,0 - 2944,738
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
Device: \\.\DISPLAY3\Monitor0

Monitor 4 - Generic PnP Monitor:
Settings: 1280x1024, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: -1280,0 - 0,1024. Workspace: -1280,0 - 0,994
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
Device: \\.\DISPLAY4\Monitor0

Thanks for any pointers, advice or help,

Christian Studer   2009-11-18 08:02
Do you have your wallpaper set to a slideshow? In that case UltraMon can't position icons, this will be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
Mar   2009-11-20 02:34
I have the same issue and have a static wallpaper.

It only does it on Monitor 1. Monitor 2 is stable.

I do have the main taskbar on Monitor 2 if that makes a difference.

Running Windows 7 x64.
Christian Studer   2009-11-20 08:19
Mar, please test again with 3.0.8 when available, so far I haven't seen any issues with icon positioning when using a non-slideshow wallpaper.

Christian Studer -
Glyn   2009-11-24 00:22
Thanks Christian,

That seems to have cleared up the problem now I've set the background to a static image.

Any idea when the next version is due out with this problem fixed?

Christian Studer   2009-11-24 12:45
3.0.8 will be ready soon, most likely early December.

Christian Studer -
Patrick   2009-12-13 02:42
I have static wallpaper on Windows7 x64 and am suddenly having trouble with floating icons. I was ok for a while, then one day Windows7 deleted all my network based shortcuts from my desktop. Now that I've recreated them, they float.

It seems that saves for the network drive destination shortcuts don't work. I can move them, click save, immediately click restore and they move to the old positions. If I click save, move them somewhere else and hit restore, they don't go to the save positions then either.

- Patrick
Ase   2010-01-18 03:42

Same issue here with Windows 7 x64, static wallpaper, secondary monitor as primary on a 2 monitor setup.
All the problem icons is on monitor 2.
Tested with 3.0.7, 3.0.8 and 3.0.9, I have reinstalled the computer, but with the same result.
Most of the floating icons is placed just over the taskbar, but even there all icons does not float.

Any new info/ideas on this issue?

Christian Studer   2010-01-18 10:01
Ase, if you restore icon positions, do the icons get moved, but to the wrong position? Even if you save icons, move some of them, then immediately restore positions?

Christian Studer -
Ase   2010-01-19 02:39
Hi Christian,

If I just make a restore after restart nothing happens.
This is what I tried then:
- Save the icon position.
- Move som icons.
- Restore icon position.
- The moved icons will stay at the place I moved them to (so no restore of those), but the problem icons still keeps moving around.

Christian Studer   2010-01-19 10:15
Do some of the icon names begin with the same letter(s)? This was an issue with Vista, and I think it might still be a problem with Windows 7.

I just did some testing and some icons were always positioned correctly on the secondary monitor, but two icons beginning with the same letters were moved to odd positions occasionally.

Christian Studer -
Ase   2010-01-20 00:27
Hi Christian,

You are correct, the icons on the top of the desktop is almost identical in the names and moves around when using "Seve/Restore".

The icons at the bottom just above the taskbar does NOT have identical names and they are not affected with this "Save/Restore" floating they just move up 1 place when restarting the computer. They seem to move up 1 step already when shutting down the computer, just before the screen stops showing the desktop.

Christian Studer   2010-01-20 08:31
I'm going to look into a workaround for this for a later release, it's actually a Windows issue though (introduced in Vista).

The icons getting moved up one row is related to the UltraMon taskbar getting added, currently I'm not aware of a fix/workaround for this.

Christian Studer -
Ase   2010-01-31 19:29
Hi Christian,

I uninstalled the Ultramon program but this behavior still continues without Ultramon.

Because I did not have this issue before installing Ultramon, what changes did the program do that it does not restore to the original state?

What can I do other than reinstalling Windows?

Christian Studer   2010-02-01 06:25
UltraMon doesn't make any permanent system changes. I would check if you have another application installed which adds a toolbar to the desktop, or changes the display resolution.

Christian Studer -
Seishin Kan   2010-11-15 21:49
Hello I have the same problems with version 3.0.10

It seems to be occurring when new software places new ICONS on my main Monitor then then after awhile if I restore position only the ICONS on the main Monitor get rearranged...

I'm using Dual Monitor and switching between a Monitor when needed, and it appear to be the cause of the bug or it feels like UltraMon can only Restore Icons for a certain number of times.

It never did it at first but now it does it all the time.

Nothing was installed prior to the bug occurring.
Christian Studer   2010-11-16 09:30
Seishin, which version of Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
David C   2010-11-18 23:18
Windows 7 Pro 64bit with UltraMon 3.0.10

Icons do not restore to proper position upon reboot, logon, restore from UltraMon. Does not matter what type of background used (fixed color or otherwise).

Stopping Explorer.exe and restarting repositions icons to proper positions.

Condition returns next time UltraMon used to restore icon positions.
Christian Studer   2010-11-19 10:04
David, icon names starting with the same character(s) can also cause problems on Vista/Windows 7, should be fixed in the next release. As a workaround go to UltraMon Options > General and uncheck 'preserve position of desktop icons'.

Christian Studer -
Dik   2011-01-15 02:08
I'm also having problems with icon save/restore. Am using a simple 2-monitor setup on Windows 7 and only have icons on the primary monitor. When i position those and use Ultramon to save them, i can restore those positions for a couple of days or so. Then suddenly the restore doesn't work anymore, no icons move at all.
Christian Studer   2011-01-15 07:42
Dik, not sure what might cause this, do you still have this issue after restarting the system?

Christian Studer -
JevgeniusD   2011-09-27 22:04
Same situation, moved not correct some icons after restart or restoring icon. If I restore again they moved one line down. Windows 7 x64
Christian Studer   2011-09-28 09:15
JevgeniusD, if you restore icon positions multiple times, do the icons get moved down one row every time?

Christian Studer -
Jorn   2012-01-23 23:22
I have the same problem and am a bit disappointed by UltraMon software now. From the post I can see that this is an ongoing issue for quite long time.

I use 3.1.0 version with Windows XP professional, do have 2 monitors, the prime being the one with the icons only. My impression is that for some time the position restore worked, but now again, as with older versions, it fails. My icons all have unique names, so this cannot be the cause.

Christian Studer   2012-01-24 07:50
The issue related to icon names was fixed in 3.1.0, and was only a problem on Vista and later.

Are you using DeskScapes or similar software which replaces the regular desktop? I just had a user where icon positioning didn't work when DeskScapes was running.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2013-01-19 23:50
I am suffering from this issue and my setup is as clean as a whistle and very basic Ultramon 3.2.2 Win 7 & six desktop system icons. I have two monitors one is full frame rate capable (Mon 2)and the other is strictly 75Hz (Mon 1). I switch to the Mon 2 when I watch video and use Mon 1 for selecting music.

I can switch primary between the monitors without issue and the desktop icons follow the primary monitor, so far so good. Ideally I would like to enable / disable monitors. If I disable Mon 1 and enable Mon 2 the desktop icons follow the active monitor (Mon 2)as expected unfortunately when I go back to using Mon 1 with Mon 2 disabled the desktop icons are not returned to Mon 1.

I have saved the icon positions and am using the built in profile function to switch monitors.
Christian Studer   2013-01-20 07:50
Chris, I don't know what would cause this, but this should be handled by the operating system, if you only ever have a single monitor enabled the operating system should always move the icons to the enabled monitor.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2013-01-20 22:25
Christian, Sorry I missed the most important part out and yes the icons do of course follow the primary monitor. Let me try again.

Three profiles:

1. Dual Monitor Mode Profile with Mon 2 extended.
2. Audio Profile Monitor 1 Active Mon 2 disabled
3. Video Profile Monitor 2 Active Mon 1 disabled

Operations preformed manually with plenty of time in between

A. Save desktop icons in Dual Monitor Mode.
B. Execute Video Profile
C. Execute Dual Monitor Profile
D. Restore desktop icons

After the restore the desktop icons remain on the now extended monitor #2
Christian Studer   2013-01-21 10:09
When this happens, can you still move the icons manually by dragging them with the mouse?

I have now tested with a similar setup on Windows 8, and have occasionally seen the problem as well, but when it occurred I also couldn't move the icons manually.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2013-01-21 19:24
I believe I may have found the cause of my problem and a solution. My Win 7 OS / hardware is fitted with an AMD 6600 display adapter that connects a Pioneer Plasma via HDMI and a NEC computer monitor via VGA. In spite of the NEC being the primary monitor throughout the install of Windows, the monitors were assigned ID 1 to the Pioneer and ID 2 to the NEC Primary monitor. Since I was never able to find out how to change them they remain in that configuration.

While I was trying to fix my problem I noticed that when Ultramon identified the monitors they were the reverse of the above configuration so I switched them using the Ultramon command to reflect the Windows monitor assignment. I then edited the profiles to reflect the changes and for good measure ran your vbs utility that ensures the monitors have discreet identities. Not sure if this had any effect but I have now performed a good number of transitions and so far my desk top icons return as expected.

When my problem was present I seem to remember that I could drag them over or at least some as I never really tried to move them all even though there was not that many. I tried so many things it is possible that my memory is not serving me well regarding this!
Christian Studer   2013-01-22 08:01
Glad to hear that, if you get the issue again let me know.

Christian Studer -
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