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Christian Studer   2009-12-21 10:29
UltraMon 3.0.8 Beta has been released, this release has several new features and bug fixes. See the release notes for details, download here.

Christian Studer -
Albert Wiersch   2009-12-21 14:36

Using it now with Windows 7 x64.

I experimented with the "Taskbar buttons" option set to "Combine when taskbar is full" and I think I'm going to like that setting best since it shows the labels.

I hope any remaining bugs can be worked out and a release made soon. :-)

Will report any problems but so far working well.

It did say it needed to reboot. Not sure why... I didn't reboot and it seems to be working.
Brent   2009-12-21 15:56
So you are runing this successfully on Win 7 64bit

I installed this tonight and the tray icon will not show up and the toolbar will not extend to the seond monitor so something is not working corectally.

When I reintall it will work till a restart or shutdown and startup..
Christian Studer   2009-12-22 00:15
You'll get a reboot prompt for upgrade installs, this is necessary due to the hooks used by UltraMon, otherwise you may get application crashes after the upgrade.

Brent, what happens if you start UltraMon manually via the shortcut in Start Menu > Programs?

Christian Studer -
Jeremy   2009-12-22 00:40
In trying to install this latest version on Windows 7 64-bit and it requires the .msi file for the previous version to uninstall it I assume.


A file that I no longer have and so far it has been impossible to find online outside of warez sites.

As I would prefer not to reach that low to download an installer 1 version back can you provide us with a link please?
Gary   2009-12-22 00:42
Hi Christian,
just downloaded and installed beta and I'm getting these 2 messages in my Windows 7 32 bit Evaluation copy (Build 7100) I'm pretty sure it's because I'm dual booting and win7 is on my E drive not C like the first message reports. I can verify that UltraMonUiAcc.exe is in program files on the E: drive create date 21/12/2009

[Window Title]
C:\Program Files\UltraMon\UltraMonUiAcc.exe

Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files\UltraMon\UltraMonUiAcc.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.


UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit.

More information:

Version: 3.0.8

OS: 6.1.7100 x32

Source file: ..\UiAcc\UiAccClient.cpp

Line: 282

Return value: 0

Last error: 0

Albert Wiersch   2009-12-22 00:47
OK, I rebooted but didn't have problems before. Working great so far on Win 7 x64 (and I have 4 monitors). I don't use any of the added buttons and menu commands though... maybe that's why it worked without rebooted? Oh well... happy for now. :)
Emil Henriksen   2009-12-22 01:04
I get the same prompt/issue as Gary.

I have Ultramon installed installed on the F drive. OS is Win7 Ul. 64bit (Build 7600).

As for the windows live issue;
I have the windows taskbar on a non-primary monitor. Is it possible to bind the 'flying' windows live window to the windows taskbar instead of the primary monitor? (even though the 0.8 fix is nicer to look at than previous).
Christian Studer   2009-12-22 01:34
Jeremy, you'll get this if the cached setup file has been deleted, you can download 3.0.7 here. Let me know if you don't have a license yet.

Gary, thanks for the bug report, I have uploaded a patch for this issue:


To install the patch, close UltraMon, then extract the ZIP file to your UltraMon installation folder and replace the original UltraMon.exe with the patched version.

Albert, that might be it, you also wouldn't necessarily get crashes even with the hook still loaded, but it might happen.

Emil, currently I have no plans to change this, but I'll see what other feedback I get.

Christian Studer -
Jeremy   2009-12-22 01:57

That took care of things for me, thank you very much!
Brent   2009-12-22 03:14
I never recieved the reboot prompt when installing.

And program will not open when started from the start menu.
jhuk   2009-12-22 03:49
Same as every Vista build (It will never work 100%).

This was switching 2nd monitor on 1st time after update/reboot.
Christian Studer   2009-12-22 08:09
jhuk, I can't tell you anything new regarding this issue, also haven't seen this during testing with 3.0.8. Unfortunately I don't know why restoring window positions would cause hidden windows to get shown on your system.

Christian Studer -
Myron Mandell   2009-12-23 04:19
I am getting the same message as Gary about UltraMonUiAcc.exe. This is on Vista. It first occurred when I brought up Foxit Reader.

Myron Mandell   2009-12-23 04:24
Sorry about posting before noticing that a patch had been provided. I applied the patch, and it seems to work. Thanks.
Gary   2009-12-24 10:52
Hi again Christian
Just an update to let you know that I've installed the patch for the "can't find drive" issue and all is well in multiple monitor land again would have got back to you sooner but it's the busy season.

Merry Christmas by the way!

nique   2009-12-25 04:06
Few things here, mostly feedback..

1.) Why do you charge people for BETA software? Do testing and make a full release, then I'll's a bit ridiculous to have this nag screen asking me to pay for software that has confirmed bugs (just look on this forum, they're all over).

2.) It's kind of dumb in 2009 (almost 2010) for you to have to actually uninstall the previous version manually just to install the new version. Again, this is a commercial application -- If you want people to pay for this, can you please just add that feature into the programs installer itself? And perhaps add an auto-update function as well? VLC has both of those features, and it's 100% free...

Thanks and merry christmas!
Christian Studer   2009-12-26 02:06
Upgrade installs work fine for me with 3.0.8, from which version did you try to upgrade?

Currently there are no plans for an automatic update feature.

Christian Studer -
jerone   2009-12-27 18:24
Just tried this new beta; no problems.
Still waiting for more Windows 7 new taskbar features support and a second clock.
Keep up the great work.
Gary   2009-12-31 06:17
Hi again Christian
On a 64 bit Windows Vista machine I've set monitor 1 to the left of monitor 2 and keep monitor 2 as my primary monitor. This keeps the Windows start button "mid screen" so to speak, it's at the left side of monitor 2 and the ultramon taskbar is to the left of the start button on monitor 1.

Since installing 3.0.8 beta when I "throw" or drag certain windows to the left onto monitor 1 I get two taskbar buttons for that window, one on monitor 2 and one on monitor 1. If I exit the program while it is still "thrown" (or dragged) the taskbar button on the "original" windows taskbar on monitor 2 disappears but the programs button on monitor 1(ultramon taskbar) stays even after program exit. I have to shut ultramon down to make the second button disappear. Other programs i.e. Windows live mail is not even moving to the second taskbar when thrown or dragged and it did before this beta.
Christian Studer   2010-01-01 02:24
Does restarting UltraMon fix the problem, also for Windows Live Mail?

Christian Studer -
Gary   2010-01-02 06:54
Yes restarting Ultramon does appear to correct Windows Live Mails taskbar button. It appears on the monitor one would expect it to appear on.
Christian Studer   2010-01-03 07:28
If you then move Windows Live Mail, does the task button follow the application to the other monitor?

Christian Studer -
Gary   2010-01-08 17:21
Sorry about the delayed response, but yes the windows live mail taskbar button will follow the application to the other monitor after restarting ultramon.
Gary   2010-01-09 06:16
another piece of the puzzle, I'm pretty sure now that all the issues are related to a message about "Windows explorer has stopped working" it checks for solutions and then restarts. I had never put the two together before because Windows explorer restarting never coincided with my noticing extra taskbar buttons. The only time I get extra buttons is after Windows explorer restarts and it persists until I close ultramon and restart it
Christian Studer   2010-01-09 08:17
Do you get the same behavior if you manually terminate explorer.exe via Task Manager, then restart it?

To do this open Task Manager, select the Processes tab, then select explorer.exe and click on End Process. To restart explorer.exe, select File from the menu, select New Task, then enter explorer.exe in the box and hit OK.

So far I haven't been able to reproduce the issue when terminating explorer.exe manually, I'm also not sure why this would cause problems on your system, UltraMon shouldn't have a problem with explorer.exe restarts.

Christian Studer -
Gary   2010-01-09 11:22
Hi Christian,
Followed your steps and upon explorer.exe restart I have 2 sets of taskbar buttons for whatever is running at the moment. If they were on the second monitor already I mean. Since Task Manager was open on the monitor with the Windows taskbar it only had one button but if I moved or threw it (using ultramon button) it also added a second button on the other monitor (after explorer.exe restart).
Christian Studer   2010-01-10 08:15
Would you be interested in running a test version of UltraMonTaskbar.exe to troubleshoot this further? You would also need to be able to have a debug monitor like DebugView running.

If you'd like to do this, send me a mail to

Christian Studer -
bdazla   2010-01-12 16:21
Hi guys,

I received an error message after installing the new beta 3.0.8.

It says,

Ultramon encountered an error and will exit.

Version: 3.0.8
OS: 6.0.6000 x64
Source file .\ButtonRendererVistaComposisted.cpp
Line: 91
Return Value: 0
Last error :1814

This is on a windows 7 enterprise system. Does this mean anything to anyone?

bdazla   2010-01-12 16:23
I forgot to add that this happens even if you try open the application manually and every time you boot the computer. The Install completed with no errors.
bdazla   2010-01-12 17:14

Vista compatibility mode caused this from a previous version installed that did not work with windows 7. I tried to use vista compatibility mode as that is what I was using it on before I installed windows 7. I uninstalled the old version of UltraMon and rebooted the machine. I then installed the new version but somehow the executable still had the compatibility mode listed against it even though it was a new file.

Weird but fixed.

The new version seems to be working well and am very pleased with the new look. Kudos :-D
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