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DayWalker   2010-01-06 13:48
I have just installed Ultramon 3.08 on Windows 7 64b.

I use to change the location of the TMP and TEMP system variables to a virtual RAMDISK in order to keep a clean system (datas are lost when shut down), for both the system and the users.

When Ultramon 3.08 beta is launched, the taskbarmanager () crashes if the user temporary folders do not exist (Error at line 205, in ./desktaskmanager.cpp)

So I made a batch to create the temporary folders before user's log in using gpedit.msc, and everything was perfect.

Note that with an older version (don't remember whether it was the last stable one), there was no crash, even when the temporary folder did not exist...

So, apparently, Ultramon cannot create the necessary temporary folders... so it is the first time I see a program that is not able to create a temporary folder.

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Christian Studer   2010-01-07 08:25
An API function used by UltraMon requires access to the temp folder, unfortunately there is no way around this (this change was made to fix another issue). You would need to make sure the temp folder is available when UltraMon gets started, or delay UltraMon startup until the folder is available.

Christian Studer -
DayWalker   2010-01-12 19:33
Since TMP and TEMP variables are defined in Windows, it is possible to check whether these folders exist or not ?

By the way, I used the start up policy and a batch script to create these folders before the session logging. Waiting a few seconds is not enough, since if no program requiring these temporary folders is launched, these folders still do not exist.
Christian Studer   2010-01-13 10:11
That should work, I'll look into this for the next release. This won't always fix the problem though, another user had the temp folder on a mapped network drive which wasn't available when UltraMon started.

Christian Studer -
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