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Kevin Slocum   2010-03-22 04:19
When I run UltraMon whether from a boot or running from the short cut, an extra box/application pops up that seems to to be a UltraMon process. The box appears in a fully minimized slim box form only seeing the close, min, max defalt windows buttons. This window when maximized is completely black with no program labels of any kind. If I close it I then lose the buttons UltraMon puts on open windows such as move and maximize. I know this may be confusing but How do I keep this odd window from appearing or how do I get rid of it without losing my UltraMon buttons? Thanks!!

Win 7 64-bit
Christian Studer   2010-03-22 10:09
UltraMon does use a hidden window for the window buttons feature, I'm not sure though why this window would be visible on your system.

Do you have any special software installed which might cause this, a video card utility, or a window management tool?

Christian Studer -
Kevin Slocum   2010-03-23 03:06
I am using the ATI Driver Suite which includes Hydravision. I will experiment with turning things on and off and see what happens. Do you guys test ultramon with Nvidia and ATI control suites?

I was finally able to start Ultramon with the box going away after a few tries. Is there a way to delay the start of Ultramon on boot?

Christian Studer   2010-03-23 11:11
Only if a customer reports a compatibility issue. I wasn't aware that HydraVision was available for Windows 7, is this a separate download? I have the Catalyst driver package installed.

To delay UltraMon startup, run regedit.exe, go to the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>', double-click on the AutoStartDelay value, select Decimal, then enter the number of seconds by which automatic startup should be delayed.

Christian Studer -
Kevin Slocum   2010-03-24 05:44
I will try your delay instructions. Yes Hydravision is a separate download and has been available for quite a while now for Windows 7. I will report back.
Kevin Slocum   2010-03-25 01:04
Hey Christian,

I can confirm that the Hydravision add on to the Catalyst Control Center interferes with the UltraMon start up and causes the problem I was seeing. Specifically, its the Desktop Manager setting being active that causes it. Maybe its something simple that can be fixed. Thanks for your help!!

Christian Studer   2010-03-25 12:10
What settings are you using for the HydraVision Desktop Manager? I have now tested with HydraVision on 64-bit Windows 7 (Catalyst version 10.3), but so far haven't been able to reproduce the issue.

Christian Studer -
Kevin Slocum   2010-03-31 00:18
I am using same package you are 10.3 but have had the problem on 10.1 and 10.2. On the desktop manager page I only have "enable desktop manager" checked. Everything else is unchecked. It may have something to do with the "allow spanning across displays" option.
Christian Studer   2010-03-31 10:47
I've been able to reproduce the issue, as you suspected it's related to the 'allow spanning' option, the issue only occurs if this option isn't checked.

I'll look into this for the next release, it may be possible to prevent HydraVision from moving/showing the hidden window.

Christian Studer -
Kevin   2010-04-02 01:44
Thanks Christian!!

I was hoping I was not crazy or losing my mind. Thanks for looking into this. I have made it a point of mine to tell everyone I know who uses more than one monitor to buy this program.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Buttons go away after closing extra window?

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