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Freakstone   2010-09-22 10:57
Hi Christian,

Any chance you can add a wallpaper changer type thing feature into Ultramon, so that the multiple screen wallpaper can be updated separately for individual screens?


Christian Studer   2010-09-22 12:06
I'll consider this for a future release, thanks for the suggestion.

There's already some support for this via scripts, look for the UltraMon Wallpaper Auto Changer and ChangeWallpaper scripts.

Christian Studer -
Johnny   2011-01-02 07:38
Adding a changer-thingy for the wallpaper profiles would also be sweet.
Jon Lydell   2011-01-11 13:14
Hi Christian: I would love to see a slideshow for the wallpaper, with the ability to change the wallpaper variable from 10 secs to 30 secs to one hour. That is one thing I do like about the Vista wallpaper. Now if I could get the slideshow to span both monitors!

Tommy   2020-01-18 01:09
Is there a solution for that? We want a background image on monitor 1 and a slideshow on monitor 2.
That would be great.
Christian Studer   2020-01-19 07:15
You could do this with the UltraMon Wallpaper Auto Changer 2 script, let me know if you have any questions about setting this up.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Wallpaper - slideshow feature?

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