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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> UltraMon crashes with 3rd party theme
Yochanan   2011-01-06 15:40
UltraMon crashes applying the PlastiQAero 1.1 theme ( Any ideas?

UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit.

More information:

Version: 3.1.0
OS: 6.1.7600 x32
Source file: .\ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp
Line: 119
Return value: 0
Last error: 0
Christian Studer   2011-01-07 09:41
The problem is that the button bitmap (stream resource) of this theme is not the same size as the one from the regular Aero theme, this causes the error you get when UltraMon tries to load the bitmap.

Christian Studer -
Yochanan   2011-01-07 15:29
Yeah, I figured it had something to do with the button. I even turned off the Move Window button, but it still did it.
Christian Studer   2011-01-08 02:39
Try disabling the Maximize to Desktop button as well (UltraMon Options > Buttons and Menu Commands), with both buttons disabled you should no longer get this error.

I'll see if I can do something about this in a later release.

Christian Studer -
Yochanan   2011-01-08 15:22
Oh, I don't use the Maximize button anyway, so it wasn't checked. Thanks.
Christian Studer   2011-01-09 07:50
I would recommend checking in the registry if the two buttons are really disabled, I just tested with the theme and for me it works fine with both buttons disabled.

To do this, run regedit.exe, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Window Buttons and make sure both 'Maximize to Desktop Button' and 'Move Window Button' are set to zero.

Christian Studer -
Yochanan   2011-01-09 16:07
For some reason Maximize to Desktop Workspace was enabled even though I always uncheck the box after a clean install. Strange. I also still have a 3.0.10 entry besides 3.1.0. I'm guessing that's useless & safe to delete.

I disabled Maximize to Desktop Workspace but UltraMon still crashed appying the theme. I'll uninstall, delete the registry entries, reboot & report back.
Christian Studer   2011-01-10 11:44
The registry entries for the previous version won't cause problems, but you can also safely delete them.

You should keep the old settings if you want to be able to go back to the previous version with all your original settings intact.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> UltraMon crashes with 3rd party theme

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