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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Need to flip & rotate image on a single monitor only.
Dazz   2011-03-28 07:43
Hey Guys,

I've been poking through the options in UltraMon, but I can't see if this is possible. My question is regarding mirroring.

However, I DO NOT need to mirror something from one screen to another. I need to make a screen read normally as if you were looking at it through a real glass mirror.

I'm building a digital pinball cabinet based off of the Pinball 2000 design. This design has a downward facing screen that projects images onto a mirror'd glass below.

I will be running 3 LCD screens total. The monitor that I need to have this mirrored effect is Monitor 3. I can install the monitor upside down if I have to, but I still have to flip the image so it displays to the viewer correctly via the mirror/glass.

Any suggestions as to how I can' achieve this effect?


Christian Studer   2011-03-28 09:27
UltraMon can only do this via mirroring, you can optionally flip the mirrored image horizontally and/or vertically.

If this would work for you I would recommend testing if performance is sufficient for your needs, might be a problem.

Christian Studer -
Dazz   2011-03-28 13:38
I did try to setup mirroring this afternoon before posting here. I'm not sure if I just wasn't doing it right or not, so I may have just been missing something but it did not seem to work.

I see the flip vertcal/horizontal options, but they don't seem to do anything. Do you have to be mirroring another monitor for the vertical/horizontal flip to work?

In my application all of the other screens will be in use and I don't need to mirror another screen. Each LCD will have it's own info being displayed.

I just need to flip images/video on this one screen.
Christian Studer   2011-03-29 08:50
UltraMon can only flip the mirror image, you would need to mirror monitor 2 on monitor 3 for example, and the image on monitor 3 could then be flipped.

Christian Studer -
lim   2022-02-12 20:15
I cannot find the menu option to flip the image on another monitor. please help

Christian Studer   2022-02-13 15:41
Right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray (the area of the main taskbar next to the clock), then select Mirroring > Settings from the menu. Look for the flip mirror image options on the last page of the settings.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Need to flip & rotate image on a single monitor only.

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