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Dazz   2011-03-28 07:43
Hey Guys,

I've been poking through the options in UltraMon, but I can't see if this is possible. My question is regarding mirroring.

However, I DO NOT need to mirror something from one screen to another. I need to make a screen read normally as if you were looking at it through a real glass mirror.

I'm building a digital pinball cabinet based off of the Pinball 2000 design. This design has a downward facing screen that projects images onto a mirror'd glass below.

I will be running 3 LCD screens total. The monitor that I need to have this mirrored effect is Monitor 3. I can install the monitor upside down if I have to, but I still have to flip the image so it displays to the viewer correctly via the mirror/glass.

Any suggestions as to how I can' achieve this effect?


Christian Studer   2011-03-28 09:27
UltraMon can only do this via mirroring, you can optionally flip the mirrored image horizontally and/or vertically.

If this would work for you I would recommend testing if performance is sufficient for your needs, might be a problem.

Christian Studer -
Dazz   2011-03-28 13:38
I did try to setup mirroring this afternoon before posting here. I'm not sure if I just wasn't doing it right or not, so I may have just been missing something but it did not seem to work.

I see the flip vertcal/horizontal options, but they don't seem to do anything. Do you have to be mirroring another monitor for the vertical/horizontal flip to work?

In my application all of the other screens will be in use and I don't need to mirror another screen. Each LCD will have it's own info being displayed.

I just need to flip images/video on this one screen.
Christian Studer   2011-03-29 08:50
UltraMon can only flip the mirror image, you would need to mirror monitor 2 on monitor 3 for example, and the image on monitor 3 could then be flipped.

Christian Studer -
lim   2022-02-12 20:15
I cannot find the menu option to flip the image on another monitor. please help

Christian Studer   2022-02-13 15:41
Right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray (the area of the main taskbar next to the clock), then select Mirroring > Settings from the menu. Look for the flip mirror image options on the last page of the settings.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2024-03-30 22:10
I have a similar need (viewing a screen off of a teleprompter). I think Mirroring is to clone another monitor with the exact same display, but I think both of us need to Invert an image so that text (and everything on the screen) is written backwards, but when displayed against an actual mirror, you can read it correctly on the mirror.

Does this make sense?

Christian Studer   2024-04-01 10:41
You can do this with UltraMon, but only if you have two monitors. UltraMon will mirror one monitor to the other, and you can optionally flip the image on the second monitor, horizontally and/or vertically.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Need to flip & rotate image on a single monitor only.

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