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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> "Show the desktop on monitor with mouse" odd behaviour
Mike Vanderkley   2012-01-08 08:52

I have been setting up the hotkey: "Show the desktop on monitor with mouse".

I am seeing some odd behaviour and am wondering if the feature is working correctly.

In my test I have 2 monitors, A & B.

On both monitors I have a number of apps where there are similar instances loaded. For example, on both monitors I have chrome loaded.

Monitor A: [SHOW_DESKTOP], success
Monitor B: [SHOW_DESKTOP], fail - MonitorB does show desktop, rather, MonitorA [RESTORE]s. Even stranger, a different application is now in front on MonitorA.

Mike Vanderkley   2012-01-08 09:21
Sorry, typo in test.

Monitor B: [SHOW_DESKTOP], fail - MonitorB **DOES NOT** show desktop .....
Christian Studer   2012-01-09 09:06
Thanks for the bug report, this is due to the hotkey acting as a toggle, it will first minimize windows, then restore them again.

I'll look into this for a later release, UltraMon should treat each monitor separately, meaning the windows would only get restored if the mouse is still on monitor A when you press the hotkey again.

Christian Studer -
Mike Vanderkley   2012-01-10 13:02
To add to this. The restore behaviour appears to cycle between the last two programs on the taskbar when it should remember the original top one shown.

To replicate, open 3 programs of different types. Perform Monitor_Show_Desktop on/off a number of times and you will see the last two programs sharing who becomes the fore-front.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> "Show the desktop on monitor with mouse" odd behaviour

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