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TheV   2012-10-16 05:55
I have been looking all over the new to find a solution to this to no avail, thus far.

I have a 4 monitor Desktop setup. I am running 2 Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 video card each capable of outputting 2 monitors each.
What I am looking for is an ability to mirror image one of my monitors to use as a teleprompter. My Nvidia control panel allows me to flip my screen horizontally or vertically, but not mirror the display.

I want to lay one of my monitors flat on a desk and using a sheet of glass at a 45 angle, see the reflection of this display. I would install a camera behind the glass. When I am reading the screen, I’d be looking strait at the camera.

I have no need for teleprompter software because that just scrolls imputed text and I want to view Powerpoint presentations and other documents, so I would need to mirror the entire screen. I thought this would just be a simple software fix but not seemingly the case. I found a VGA flipper plugin box but it goes for $500.

Is there anyway Ultramon can do this function. I read on a forum that if using Ultramon to mirror a screen, the second screen can be flipped into a projector mode, essentially doing what I want. I read that this is hard on the CPU but I’m running 8 cores so I should have the excess computing power to do it. Unfortunately, while I’ve read this is a possibility, there are no instructions on how to do it.

I have the MirrorMon addon installed but cannot see how to reverse the image. Is this even possible?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Christian Studer   2012-10-16 06:36
MirrorMon doesn't support this, but the regular UltraMon mirroring feature can flip the mirrored image. I would recommend testing this with the trial version to see if performance is sufficient for your needs.

To set this up, right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray and select Mirroring > Settings from the menu, select 'one or more monitors', then select the monitor used as the teleprompter and configure it to mirror one of your other monitors, this will be the one where you run the applications you want to mirror.

On the next page, check one of the 'flip mirror image' options so that the teleprompter image gets displayed correctly.

Christian Studer -
rohit   2013-04-23 23:24
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Lian   2020-12-08 02:19
Wonderful - it works just as explained!
Ultramon seems to be the one and only tool there is and which tankfully does the job.
Now I was able to clone my laptopmonitor via spacedesk onto my tablet and reverse the image so it is rightly projected via the glas on my teleprompter!

After a too long search for a seemingly easy task I am glad this way is cheap and runs smoothly.

Thank you Ultrmon-Team and good look and fun for anyone having the same issue.
John Hansen   2021-06-21 17:29
I do not wish to mirror monitor 1 onto monitor 2. I simply wish to flip the image that is on monitor 2. Is this possible? Again, Monitor 1 will have my desktop and Monitor 2 with have one or more programs that I want to read through the split mirror of a teleprompter.

John Hansen
TR   2022-04-21 18:30
Did you ever find a solution to only flip the one monitor rather than mirror AND flip one monitor to another?
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