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Marc Tracy   2013-06-22 02:02
Hi Christian

I recently updated Ultramon to version 3.22 in a Windows 7 64 environment, with Window Blinds.

Now when my Screensaver (Serene Screen Aquarium) kicks in, it disables the Smart Taskbars on monitors 2 & 3

Any idea what might be causing that?

Many thanks

Marc Tracy   2013-06-22 03:00
Hi Dont know if this helps - Error Message

Ultramon Taskbar encountered a fatal error and will exit

More Information

Version 3.22
OS:6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 x64
Source file: DeskTaskbar.cpp
Line 938
Return value:0
Last error:0

Christian Studer   2013-06-22 13:11
You'll get this if the theme is missing a bitmap used by the Smart Taskbar. Do you have this issue with all WindowBlinds skins?

Christian Studer -
Marc Tracy   2013-06-25 02:12
Hi Christian Appologies for the late reply

Yes I do get the same problem with any Window Blinds Skin.

Any ideas on ow I can fix this?

Thank you

Christian Studer   2013-06-25 15:08
I've been able to reproduce the issue, and have prepared a pre-release version of UltraMonTaskbar.exe with a fix for this. Please contact me at for the download link.

Christian Studer -
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