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Stan   2000-08-20 22:11
I recently installed a color TV on a shelf immediately above my PC monitor. When the TV is operating it causes jitter and feint thin horizontal lines on the PC monitor.
I have tried different refresh rates without success. I would prefer not to move the TV.
I think my solution is some kind of shield, but these are expensive, see
Can anyone suggest a d.i.y. solution or specific material/s to construct the shield. Any other advice will be appreciated.

Twilek   2000-08-26 16:42
Here is one from MS themselves:

stts   2000-09-13 11:33
My Sony monitors are totally surrounded in metal under the plastic shell. TV's are not. Thus the interference. Stereo speaker mess up a monitor as well, PC speakers don't. Sheilding again the difference.
Bill   2000-09-18 12:12
Stan, Shielding is as cheap as tin foil or window screen. Take a sheet of either and put it under the monitor that is throwing off the RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). You can put it under a piece of colored poster board for appearance purposes if you like.

You might have to ground this shield, but maybe not. If so, take an alligator clip and let it get a good bite into the foil of screen. Attach as short a length of wire as possible to the clip. It needs to be just long enough to reach the nearest ground. The outside screw of an AC socket will do.

Tough cases could require a grounded screen box, not pretty, but it will work. Lets hope you get off easy!

Good Luck, BiLL / KC4ZUB

Where do I go now that I have gone too far.
Robert Ueberbacher   2002-11-29 04:24
I Have a Matrox G450 MM Card installed.
The second Monitor is placed above Monitor 1.

Do You know a solution to acess the upper monitor with an up mousemove? ( not left to right)

ThankĀ“s Robert
Christian Studer   2002-11-29 04:51
You can adjust the arrangement of the monitors in Display Properties > Settings. Just drag the second monitor above the primary.

Christian Studer -
Robert Ueberbacher   2002-11-29 20:17
Thank You

works great.

John   2004-12-16 12:49
I do not know what I am doing but I know what I want to do. I have built the rudder pedals, yoke, and seated cockpit for a flight simulator and would like to have 4 displays: 1-flight inst., 1-fwd view, 2-left and right views. I have no idea what is out there and we(kids and I)are on a shoe string bugget. So something inexpensive but effective. Any sugestions?

Also would it be ok to use a old pentium 3 sys. You know one of thouse old cheep ones that you see all over the inter net. What would be the most effective for the least money?


FS Pilot Dad.
Steven C. Chandler   2012-02-12 07:04
You listed 2 Matrox cards that your software did not completely support. Do you support the Matrox G45X4QUAD-B 4 monitor card? I have it installed using W7 64bit. I like what I see so I hope it will work.

Christian Studer   2012-02-12 07:58
Should be fine, as far as I know all Matrox cards except the 2Go devices support regular extended desktop mode, which is what UltraMon requires.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Interference on monitor

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