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clint   2002-06-08 20:08
I have Win XP Pro setup with a Dual-Monitor System. I have some vids play back on both monitors at once and some of the vids stretched acrossed both monitors. The problem is that most of the time, the video on the monitor that I have setup as the "main" monitor will freeze right after the video starts then once the video is over the video on that monitor goes really fast until the end of it (I play music videos) I have tried the "use classic mode" button and it still happens....Any ideas as to what the problem could be? My 30 day trial is almost over, and hoping that I can get it to work right before then so I can purchase the software - its a great concept :-)!
Thanks in advance for all your help,

Christian Studer   2002-06-09 01:39
Please check if you have the same problem with a playlist where all videos use Monitor style.

It could also be a performance problem, please let me know what video card(s) and processor you are using.
For example if you don't have video overlays on both monitors, this could severely impact VideoSaver performance. You could also test if you have the same problem if you set the video size to Original instead of Maximized or Full Screen.

Christian Studer -
clint   2002-06-09 17:47
Hey Christian, I have a AMD Athlon XP 1600+ processor and a ATI Radeon VE Dual Display Video Card. I tried to make a playlist with the videos all playing the same way, and it still did the same thing. What do you mean by "Video Overlays"? Is this something that I can check somewhere? Thanks again for all your help,

Christian Studer   2002-06-10 01:35
Video overlays is a feature of the video card that improves speed and image quality of video playback (especially fullscreen).

The Radeon VE only supports overlays on one monitor as far as I know (like most dualhead cards).

I guess that's the cause of the problem, please check if it works fine when playing all videos at a smaller size, for example Original.

Christian Studer -
cybergamer   2002-06-12 01:38
I'm running a 700mh system with two monitors and a Gforce3 video card, but video still freezes during dual monitor play! It seems to happen when i have photoshop open...
Christian Studer   2002-06-12 02:23
I have just tested this, same problem on my system: with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 running, the video plays on one monitor only, the other two are frozen. If Photoshop isn't running, VideoSaver works fine.

Pretty strange, I'll look into this.

Christian Studer -
Brian Tessier\   2002-09-18 02:47
Any progress on this?

I have the latest of everything and am seeing the same issues....
Christian Studer   2002-09-18 04:17
I have done some further testing, seems to be an issue with Photoshop.

When Photoshop 6.0 is running (I don't have 7.0 available for testing), Windows Media Player gives an error when trying to play a video file, and dxdiag.exe hangs.

It looks like Photoshop causes problems for applications using DirectX. I suggest contacting Adobe support.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2002-12-20 05:08
Update on this issue: seems to be fixed in Photoshop 7.0. I just installed the trial version (7.0.1) and had no problems with VideoSaver while Photoshop was running.

Christian Studer -
Andrew Schwartz   2003-02-22 10:19
Why don't you try videowiz, from - it solved the same problem I had with videosaver, on my ATI Radeon 7500 / Athlon XP 2200+

--Andrew Schwartz
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