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JzL   2002-07-16 17:20
I am a complete n00b when it comes to Mulit Monitors.

I just got my GeForce 4 MX 420 to run as my secondary card. I have a Geforce 3 Ti 200 running the Primary duties. I am using the nVidia 29.42 drivers on the Geforce 3 TI 200 (primary) and Regular XP Drivers on the Geforce 4 (secondary).

I notice that when I move windows from monitor to monitor that I hear distortion in Winamp. Is this common? I have a Santa Cruz Turtle Beach sound card.

Please! Someone help the n00b!


Nite   2002-07-16 21:06
It's too common with Creative's Live! series, fairly common with the Audigy series, but I haven't heard anyone with TB complain... try changing the soundcard to another PCI slot and/or make sure it doesn't share IRQs, at least not with either of the display adapters.

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JzL   2002-07-17 03:02

I appreciate the help on this. I will do this as soon as I get home. I will update and let everyone that know if it helped.

Thanks again,

Edd   2002-07-21 19:56
I had exactly the same problem when i upgraded my machine to windows xp. I also experienced sound distortion when scrolling in internet explorer.
The root of my problem seemed to be the fact that i was still using my ISA sound blaster AWE32 (i had paid £100+ many moons ago for that card, i had a sentimental link!). To cut a long story short, i solved the problem buy purchasing a cheapy SB PCI 128 to do the job.
Im sure in your case you are using a PCI soundcard of some description, so i doubt this information will help you, sorry!

I was just bored and thought i would add my feedback! :)

JzL   2002-07-22 13:30
I tryed moving the GeForce 4 to all my free PCI and I still distortion in the sound.

This sux... I am taking the Secondary Card out and returning it. That means my MMing experience lasted almost 2 weeks.. Arghh, not meant to be I guess. I appreciate you help.


Breno Sarmento   2003-11-14 14:54
I had the same problem, too. I opened the Control Panel > Video Properties > Settings > Advanced > Trouble shooting then I reduced the hardware acceleration. I perceived this problem when I was developing a MIDI player and a game. It seems that an overhead of messages in an application interferes with others, specially when setting the text of a window and drawing using GDI functions. Looking at the Platform SDK, I discovered that Windows 2000/XP do a priority boost in applications, in other words, applications continuously steal system resources from one another in order to increase performance. Maybe a service pack could fix it.
zima   2003-11-14 19:36
JzL, do you have by any chance Via or Nvidia based motherboard?
Computer Geek   2006-10-12 10:49
I had the same problem with my card, so i started tweaking settings... the only thing that worked for me is to turn off hardware acceleration completely to that monitor.

good luck!

Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Sounds when moving windows between monitors..?

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