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rob   2002-08-08 14:48
I'm not quite sure of the parameters of this, but it randomly freezes my entire computer after it will play a clip for about a second, it has done it with different file types, and times with random on and off...i dunno what's going on exactly, any suggestions?
Christian Studer   2002-08-08 23:30
Sounds like a display driver issue.

Please let me know what operating system and video card(s) you are using, and if you are using multiple monitors.

Christian Studer -
rob   2002-08-09 04:21
i'm on windows 98, 400 mhz celeron with an Nvidia Riva 128/128ZX. It seems to do it a lot more witht he raqndom option on, if it matters :\
rob   2002-08-09 04:23
and now i just updated he driver to stb velocity 128, if that means anything either, lol
Christian Studer   2002-08-09 06:35
You could try reducing hardware acceleration, this might fix the problem in case it is a driver issue: go to Control Panel > Display > Settings, click Advanced, select the Performance tab and drag the slider to reduce the hardware acceleration.

I'm going to run VideoSaver on my Win98 test system to see if I can reproduce the problem.

Christian Studer -
rob   2002-08-09 07:04
Well, i took the acceleration down a notch, and the screen once again froze, all playback stopped, but this time i was able to control alt delete the screen saver. Once again playback stopped apporx 2 seconds after it loaded the file.
Christian Studer   2002-08-09 07:31
Seems to work fine, I tested a small playlist with AVI, MOV and MPEG, random order playback, for about half an hour.

I would recommend installing different drivers if possible: either Nvidia reference drivers for the RIVA 128, or Windows 98 default drivers for your card (if available).

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Freezes after it loads a file...

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