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Mik   2002-08-27 22:57
I downloaded ultramon and videosaver both.
I've a system with four displays (TFT 15") and Win98 (the board VisionX 6326 I have supports only it).
When the four monitors are all activated, the video saver runs properly only if the video hardware acceleration is reduced of two steps. However when the bounce and desktop modes are set together, the part of video in the primary monitor remains fixed while the other three go around properly.
If I have the right driver of the board, and I'm quite sure of this, which is the problem?
Christian Studer   2002-08-28 01:59
Looks like an issue with the video driver. I tested on my Win98 test system, bounce in desktop mode worked fine.

You could try disabling video overlays (DirectDraw acceleration). I have uploaded a script for UltraMon that does this, see UltraMon Add-ons. Please note that this will reduce performance.

Christian Studer -
Mik   2002-08-28 23:13
Perhaps, unfortunately for me, I guessed the problem: the four vga in my board have only 4MB each of memory video.
Do you think this can be the real problem?
In effect I also noticed that the larger is the window the slower is the movie inside.

PS: with your overlay suppression script, the system is not improved.
Christian Studer   2002-08-29 02:16
Difficult to say, video RAM would have an effect on the availability of overlays, but most likely overlays have already been disabled by reducing the video hardware acceleration.

What type of video are you using (AVI, MPEG, ...)? It might be worth a try using a different format to check if you have the same problem.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Problem with bounce option

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