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Oscar   2002-09-05 09:03
For some reason Windows Xp Search application opens too slow when Ultramon 20rc1 installed. This is tested with ABit, Msi, Soyo motherboards, Geforce Ti4600, Ti4400, Radeon 9700, mean a lot of combinations. Same problem everytime. When I uninstall Ultramon search will work normal.
Christian Studer   2002-09-05 12:34
I'll look into this tomorrow. How much longer does it take until the window opens? What other applications are you running? You can also mail me a screenshot of Task Manager > Processes.

Christian Studer -
ascully   2002-09-07 05:56
This is happening to me also
Christian Studer   2002-09-14 07:26
I tested on Windows XP, with and without SP1, by clicking on Start menu > Search. It might be a bit faster without UltraMon running, but the difference would be less than half a second.

How much of a difference did you see on your system? Please note that the first time you open the Search tool after a reboot it will always take a bit longer. I made about 10 tests, and ignored the first one.

Christian Studer -
oscar   2002-09-15 22:06
Sorry for the late reply. It delays around 5 to 15 seconds. Strange thing sometimes it does, some times doesn't. But I think I found the glitch. When Ultramon Smart Taskbar enabled for second monitor, if I do search it delays. If i disable smart taskbar then everything back to normal. My windows task manager shows %10 for ultramon taskbar and %10 for explorer %90. And I think i found the solution too, If i set the priority (in Taskbar Manager Windows) for Smart Taskbar to below normal, search opens much faster, and if I set it to low than search opens with out delay. So what do you think ?
Oscar   2002-09-15 22:17
Also a question.. Is there anyway to set priority to low setting for Ultramon , and save it so when windows starts service will start with low priority. Because when I change the priority in task manager everthing is ok till I re start the Windows. By the I am using Windows Xp Pro SP1. Thx.
Christian Studer   2002-09-17 05:14
Could you send me a list of the running processes (Task Manager > Processes)? Most likely this is some sort of conflict with another app, I haven't been able to reproduce this problem on both of my systems.

To start UltraMon with lower priority, you'll need to create a batch file, launch UltraMon from there, and then point the UltraMon icon in Start menu > Programs > Startup to this batch file.

The batch file should have a single line, like this:

start "" /low "c:\program files\ultramon\ultramon.exe"

This will start UltraMon with low priority. Other processes started by UltraMon, for example UltraMonTaskbar.exe, will also run with low priority.

Instead of /low you can also use /belownormal.

Christian Studer -
Rich   2002-11-01 08:34
I've been experiencing this same problem with the Win XP search function taking about 30 seconds to load.

It's been driving me crazy to the point that I was about to format and reinstall.

Glad I stumbled across this post. I verified that on my machine also, with the smart taskbar disabled, this problem goes away.

Christian, did you ever find what the conflict is? Is there a fix for it.

If not, I can live with it now that I know what it is. This is a great program.
Christian Studer   2002-11-02 03:18
Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this on my two XP systems.

Do you still have the problem if only UltraMon and the core system services are running? To check this, go to Task Manager > Processes, and kill all other processes, then restart UltraMon and check if Search still takes a long time.

System processes on my XP system:

msmsgs.exe (Windows Messenger)

UltraMon processes:


Christian Studer -
Rich   2002-11-02 08:56
Hey Christian,

I shut down the processes one at a time and tried the search window after each shutdown.

Each time, the search window takes about 30-40 seconds to load with the Ultramon taskbar running.

If I shut down the Ultramon taskbar process, the search window loads in about 1-2 seconds, even with all other processes running.

My list of system processes is much longer than yours though.
Christian Studer   2002-11-03 06:57
If you are interested, I could send you a special test version of the taskbar to help with troubleshooting, but this would have to wait until after the 2.0 final release on November 7.

Christian Studer -
Rich   2002-11-03 08:38
That would be great. Let me register first :-)
Rich   2002-11-03 09:05
Okay Christian, all registered.
I'll wait until the new version comes out. Then if I still have the problem, I'll let you know.

ascully   2002-11-10 15:15
I have been testing this out and if i go in taskmanager and set ultramon taskbar to low priority search behaves perfectly. If I dont do this search takes around 45 seconds to pop up
Rich   2002-11-11 02:50
I've been using the batch file that Christian provided in this thread to run UltraMon at low priority on startup.

No problems, and Search loads in 2 seconds like it should.
Christian Studer   2002-11-11 07:38
Rich, if you're still interested in running a test version of the taskbar, contact me by e-mail.

Christian Studer -
Rich   2002-11-22 05:16

I sent you an e-mail about this, but in short, it didn't help.

On the bright side, batch file works great.
anime cabbit   2002-11-24 21:46
You know what? I hate using the search feature in XP, not because it's so slow, but just annoying. For me, my search window opens within a second of selecting it. I also have plenty of tasks running:

NAV: ccApp, ccEvtMgr, nvsvc32 and Navapsvc
I also got disk keeper's DKService, Logitech's EM_EXEC, Motherboard Monitor, zonealarm pro, weatherbug, and a few other non windows services.

One thing I have observed, which I am very annoyed at, is every once in awhile, explorer.exe takes up 80-99 % of the CPU cycles! This causes the whole system to go very very very sluggish! The system is not usable until I force quit the explorer service, which takes up to a 2-3 minutes to do because the system is so unresponsive.

Anyone ever happen upon this problem?
ryan   2002-11-30 07:30
I too am getting the 20-30 second delay to open search (with explorer using 90-99% of my resources during that time). I am running XP SP1, with a VIA P4PB400, Radeon 9700, and P4 2.66GHz.

This still is not fixed in the current release of Ultramon.

What is the status if this problem?

Processes running:
System Idle Process

Problem still occurs when all non-essential processes are killed.
Christian Studer   2002-11-30 07:35
I still don't know what causes this, unfortunately I can't reproduce this on my two systems.

As a workaround, you can use the batch file mentioned earlier in this thread to run UltraMon at low priority.

The next release will run the UltraMon taskbar at low priority by default.

Christian Studer -
Tim Rooney   2003-02-06 13:19
question... what are the non-essential processes that i may kill?
Christian Studer   2003-02-07 01:24
Are you using 2.1? This issue was fixed in the 2.1 release, see the Release Notes for details.

For more information on disabling background applications, see Troubleshooting: disabling background applications.

Christian Studer -
Joe Blo   2003-06-04 13:13
Re: the method of starting a program @ low (or one other than normal) priority as mentioned below, although it isn't mentioned, what you have to do is create a shortcut that points to cmd.exe with the /C switch (to terminate the cmd.exe process after running other programs) in order to run the 'start /low . . .' process. If you search for a 'start.exe' or 'start.*' the real process you need does not appear anywhere on your XP harddrive (save yourself the trouble - you won't find it!).

I wanted KaZaa to start @ a lower priority (ever tried to surf & have KaZaa download @ the same time? Almost impossible...), so I created a shortcut with the following syntax in XP's shortcut 'Target:' box:
cmd.exe /c start "" /low "C:\Program Files\Kazaa\kpp.exe". Yes, this really makes a BIG difference!

Cut & paste the above for your use swapping the program & path as necessary.

any Joe Blo win user . . .
Joe Blo   2003-06-04 13:20
Oops, semantics again: looks like the line in the msg I just posted above shoulda read, "...(or one other than normal) priority as mentioned ABOVE, although it isn't..."

Upgrading from any Win version to (Sun) Unix has the same impact as upgrading from dial-up @28.8 to broadband (either Cable or DSL) - trust me, been there, done that, still wondering what took me so long . . .

L8R . . .
Jason Doucette   2003-07-14 06:35

I was just doing a search on the Internet to find out how to start a process in a lower priority setting, and it appears that this thread has the answer to my question.

I thought I would post to let you guys know why I am looking for such a program. It appears that any application that I have running on my WinXP system that consumes many resources becomes a high priority program. I do not mean that WinXP gives this application a higher priority setting, like you could do manually in the Windows Task Manager, but I mean that it appears that this application is given a higher priority setting, so it starts taking up 99% of CPU time, making any other attempt to use other programs futile. My own programs (for instance, the one I am using to compute my Most Delayed Palindromic Number quest) do not have any specific programming to 'give up' CPU cycles to other programs, and relies on the WinXP OS to do so (it is just a basic console application in which I had no intention of releasing for public use). I do know that such programming is normally required by Windows programs, and perhaps the lack of this type of programming is causing the problems people are showing here.

This is just a suggestion, and it is not my desire to put down any software any one is using or has created. I just thought it may help the developers locate a potential bug.

Take care,

Jason Doucette -
ffmm   2004-02-01 05:09
Freshly loaded Windows XP, sp1 & 2 loaded. Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express are slow to search &/or load. I have done the usual tweaks, nada. I was able to find a solution last year but have lost that info. It has to do with replacing a unloaded file from "i386". I have scoured the net the last 2 days, nada#2.

Bonobo   2005-10-03 01:35
Me too faced the same problem however I found to be due to Norton antivirus cc*.exe loaded in the memory. Well, it started with one Ulead software which was installed, and it persisted even after uninstalling it.
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eliza sahoo   2010-05-10 20:02
The default setting for this check box is cleared, allowing multiple instances of the application to be run.

You can do this by following the steps below:

1) Right-Click on MyProject inside SolutionExplorer --> Open

2) Select Application tab

3) Set the Make single instance application checkbox Checked/Unchecked as per the requirement.
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