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Brian Tessier   2002-09-18 04:00

I'm running WinXP SP1 and have a Toshiba Satellite that is using a GeForce4 as its display adapter (multimon).

The three major issues I'm having with my freshly registered software are:

1.) When playing a video as a screensaver, it starts fine on both displays, and within 10 seconds, the primary gets "stuck" displaying a frame while the secondary plays the video as it should. I tried changing all of the settings to test different things to no avail.

2.) No matter what I select as options in qtconvert, I can't seem to get videosaver to allow me to use the videos. I always get the "The error 0x80040218 occured the last time videosaver tried to play this video. Please contact..." error.

3.) When Problem #1 occurs and the video finishes on display #2, there is no looping or change of video unless I use the keyboard advance command.

So far, I like this application but am becoming a bit bummed by all of these issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Christian Studer   2002-09-18 04:34
1) sounds like a video driver issue (or the Photoshop problem). On the Options tab of the VideoSaver configuration dialog, check 'use classic video renderer', this should fix the problem if the video driver doesn't fully support the new Windows XP video renderer.

If this doesn't help, you could try installing default XP drivers (if available) or the latest drivers from the manufacturer.

2) did you change the codec when converting the movie? Only changing the file type to AVI won't help, the video will still use the incompatible codec. I would recommend changing the codec to Intel Indeo and leaving the file type as is.
I guess other video formats (AVI, MPEG, WMV) work fine?

Christian Studer -
Brian Tessier   2002-09-18 04:40

1.) I've tried three different drivers for the video, and no dice. Checking off the "classic" renderer made no difference as well. I do not have or use photoshop, and the problem occurs even if nothing else is running on the machine.

2.) When you say "change the codec", what are you referring to? Are you speaking of changing the type of video it saves to? I've tried avi, mpg, etc. and again, no dice on the convert from mov.

I'm trying to convert a few recent mov files for use, like the new martix reloaded trailer...

All other video formats work, with the notable exception of the .mov files. Also, no matter what video format is in use, I still have the whole frozen primary/no loop/video change problem.

Thanks for your assistance,

Christian Studer   2002-09-18 06:10
When you click Save As in QTConv, you'll get the QuickTime export dialog. Clicking on Options will open the Movie Settings dialog. On this dialog, click Video > Settings. You will now be able to choose a new codec (compressor).

Intel Indeo and Cinepak will certainly work fine with VideoSaver, others may not. Sorenson is not supported by VideoSaver.

Regarding the playback problems: the only other thing you could try is reducing hardware acceleration for the video card. To do this, go to Display Properties > Settings, double-click a monitor, and reduce the acceleration on the Troubleshoot page.

Let me know if this doesn't fix the problem, and I will refund your order for VideoSaver.

Christian Studer -
Brian Tessier   2002-09-18 08:05
One thing I did notice...

The real problem children appear to be WM files, most specifically ones that I've snagged since the beta release of Media Player 9. Any ideas on why that would have an impact? Try grabbing the Halo2 trailer from Microsoft's site and tell me what results you get.

And... As far as the refund goes, don't worry about it. I love what parts of the software that currently works, so it's ok with me.


Christian Studer   2002-09-18 09:02
halo2.wmv basically works fine for me:

if WMP9 is installed, VideoSaver can play the file, but the 2 monitors were out of sync (could be due to the Celeron 600 of my laptop, or the high bandwidth of the video).

Without WMP9, VideoSaver can't play the file (error 0x80040200, which is invalid media type). This happens even if the WMP9 codecs have been installed.

One thing I noticed: both my desktop and laptop have video overlays on all monitors (3 and 2 respectively). When I used only the built-in video card of my laptop, performance was extremely bad, basically a slideshow. As most dualhead cards, this configuration only has video overlays on one monitor.

Maybe that's part of the problem on your system, the GeForce4 Go as far as I know only supports overlays on one monitor (most likely the primary).

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2002-09-18 09:06
Update: when only using the built-in laptop video card, performance was much better in 16-bit mode, more or less the same as with the config with 2 video cards (built-in and PCMCIA Display-to-Go).

Christian Studer -
Brian Tessier   2002-09-19 03:46
16 bit mode on the desktop?
Christian Studer   2002-09-19 03:49
Yes, both displays set to use 16-bit color.

Christian Studer -
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