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Ryan B   2014-12-11 07:57
1. When my laptop is docked I have preferred sizes and positions for my windows that are almost always open.

2. When my laptop is un-docked I go down to a single monitor.

3. When re-docking I have to manually move all of my windows back to their desired sizes and positions.

How can I automate step 3?

I've been looking for a solution to this problem for ages, can Ultramon do it?

I looked at profile loading & saving but that only seems to be monitor configurations, not windows.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Christian Studer   2014-12-11 13:01
If you don't shut down the laptop when undocking or docking it, you could use the SaveWndPos and RestoreWndPos scripts to do this. Run SaveWndPos before undocking, and RestoreWndPos after docking.

Christian Studer -
Ryan B   2014-12-11 18:27
Thanks Christian, I'll try that out tomorrow.

Is there any way Ultramon could detect consistent, similar display profile changes and save/apply window position & size profiles to them in the future?

Ryan B   2014-12-12 12:29
Tested today, works great with one minor quirk.

If you use windows snapping or automatic resize (like double-clicking the top border to go full screen vertically only) it will not restore to those sizes, only to manually set (click & drag) sizes.

Close enough to make my life easier though.

Thank you!
Ryan B   2014-12-12 12:31
Consider this an official feature request.

Give Ultramon the ability to permanently store window positioning and sizes, in user defined profiles.

Current solution is good but the ability to do it after booting up each day would be great.

Christian Studer   2014-12-12 14:32
Will be considered for a future release, I'll also look into the issue with window snapping, I'm seeing this as well on my Windows 8 system.

There are already a couple of ways to position applications, you could configure position settings for an application shortcut (via shortcut properties > UltraMon - Window tab), or use the WndLayout script to position windows based on caption.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Window Position Profiles

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