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Bill Sobel   2002-10-25 16:20
I didn't see this in RC2 (maybe I missed it?). Would it be possible for Ultramon to apply a users display profile at login OR when a fast user switch (on XP) takes place? This way my wife and I can run at seperate resolutions without having to change them after switching users.

Christian Studer   2002-10-26 06:02
It's possible to do this with RC2.

To set an existing profile as login profile, choose Display Profiles > Manage Display Profiles from the UltraMon menu, right-click the profile you want to use and select Edit Display Profile from the menu. On the Links page, check 'apply this display profile when logging in'.

RC2 won't reapply the profile though when using fast user switching. I have uploaded an update which adds support for this:

Windows XP only:

To install the update, close UltraMon and extract the ZIP to your UltraMon directory, usually C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Bill Sobel   2002-10-26 06:43

Let me see if I have this right, UltraMon handled the login part already but not the FUS (this is what I thought). So, you went ahead and added FUS switching support in the last 14 hours?

As always, WOW!

matt   2003-04-14 10:18
I am having the same trouble with fast user switching and the link in this thread is no longer valid. whenever I log in as one user and log out and log in as another user the primary display crashes and the secondary display goes to 16 colors. It also does this when fast switching
Christian Studer   2003-04-14 10:27
I guess the problem you're experiencing isn't related to display profiles? Per-user display profiles and fast user switching should work fine since 2.0 final.

Does the system crash or only a specific application? Please post the error message you get.

Christian Studer -
matt   2003-04-14 12:13
I got it working. I'm not sure what my problem was. I changed a few things at once.

First of all, I was incorrect in describing the behavior in my last post. The problem only occured when switching users, not when logging out and logging in as a different user. There was no error message. basically the primary monitor (on a laptop) would go out and the secondary monitor's resolution adn color depth would become much lower. Since the login screen showed up on the primary monitor, even if i could logout using the keyboard, I would have to reboot in order to see the login screen again.

At one point, after having crashed the primary screen, from the secondary monitor I was trying to create and enable a new ultramon display profile that might turn back on the primary display. (i had not created any display profiles to this point. That did actually crash the machine altogether. I don't remember if i got an error msg on not.

Then for a bit i was stuck in a loop. when the machine would boot, the primary display would come up with 8 bit color depth and 800 600 reso. I would log in, then as soon as i got to display settings it would crash. during this time i uninstalled ultramon, which didn't fix my problem. After a few cycles of this, i uninstalled all the monitors and the display adapter from device manager. upon rebooting, i could now set display settings without crashing.

I proceeded to update my display adapter:
ATI Mobility4 from to
(Dell Inspiron 8000)
I deleted the registry keys for realtimesoft. and reinstalled ultramon.

then before I tried any user switching i created display profiles for each user and specified them for to be applied at login. Is this a neccessary step in order for ultramon to function on multiuser comps? I did not do this the first time around.

The only other thing i did, but i think it was after i verified that user switching was working, was uninstall a SMS mirror display adapter from device manager.

Christian Studer   2003-04-15 07:55
Display profiles are completely optional.

A nice feature is that you can use different display settings for each user, which isn't possible otherwise, but if you have no need for that you usually wouldn't create a display profile which gets applied automatically after login.

Difficult to say what caused the problems you experienced. Most likely some issue with the display driver, but it might also be related to the mirror driver (UltraMon installs one as well), or something else.

Christian Studer -
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