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Dan H   2015-02-07 07:54
Two of my supervisors have a three-monitor setup:

Monitor 3 NEC EA273WM (VGA)
Monitor 2 NEC EA273WM (DVI)
Monitor 1 Sharp PN-L703A/B (HDMI)

The monitors are arranged 3 2 1 from left to right. The video card is an Nvidia GeForce GT 740. One computer is Windows 7 Pro and another is Windows 8 (Pro?).

The Sharp is a touch screen, and, in order for the touch function to work, I believe that it has to be the primary monitor.

The problem is that the Sharp is outside the user's field of view, and yet, most windows, popups, and prompts appear there. Additionally, the Windows login screen and the desktop icons also appear on the Sharp.

I installed the UltraMon trial. I know that I can use tabs in the shortcut's properties to choose the default monitor for that program. However, without a system-wide catch all it doesn't always work right. For example, there is a program that requires internet verification (username & pw) before launching. The verification window opens in the monitor I specified in the shortcut's property's tab. However, after successful verification, the program itself launches on the Sharp.

I have done extensive testing and troubleshooting but cannot resolve this. How can UltraMon solve this? I am more than willing to purchase several licenses. Thank you for your assistance.
Christian Studer   2015-02-07 12:59
The PositionAllApps script might work for you, let me know if you have any questions about setting this up.

By default it only positions regular application windows, but the script could be changed to position dialog windows (File Open, etc) as well. To do this, you would need to change line 32 from

For Each w In wnd.GetAppWindows(false)


For Each w In wnd.GetAppWindows(True)

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Default Monitor for All Programs, Popups, and Prompts

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