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Jack   2015-05-14 09:05

Can anyone recommend a good four head video card for trading? It should maintain multiple resolutions on diff monitors types.

intel P35
Asus Epu p5k
2- Pcie x16
2 pci
Core2qaud 9450
Pw 550watt

Im currently using 2-2600 HD pro by Saphhire but upgrading to 6 monitors maybe more!!


Christian Studer   2015-05-14 14:31
I like the Nvidia Quadro NVS cards, but have only used the dual-monitor versions (2 cards for a total of 3 monitors).

Christian Studer -
Jack   2015-05-16 09:23

Jan   2015-09-21 08:35

if you want cheap entry Soloution the Nvidia NVS Cads are good (The Dualheads like Nvidia nvs210 produced by PNY)
They are aviable with in several different shapes PCI-Express Standart, PCI-Express 1x-Slot(NVS290), PCI-old
and can be change often to a low-profile version.
They are aviable passive Cooled which you should prefer to stay focussed when trading :).

I also had the Nvidia NVS420 which is a 4 Monitor Card, with active cooler. But i it was too loud for my taste.

I personally tested several cards and sticked to the Sapphire Radeon HD6450 FLEXedition(that FLexedition in the name is important) which has the rare feaure to support 3 Monitors, has a large passive Cooler and can be used in Low Profile PCs.

I use the Setup also for Trading with 3 Monitors.

Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Mutli head vide card recommendation

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