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Peaksys   2002-11-24 09:35
WinXP Pro, Ultramon V2.0, Smart Taskbar enabled in standard mode -

(Sorry if I'm repeating something that has been mentioned before.)

Run any VB3 app, and two icons appear on the primary monitor taskbar, the one you expect to appear, and one captioned according to the app name in the Windows Task Manager. Close the app, and the second icon remains until you click it.

I've also noticed extra icons appearing in the taskbar when running other apps, presumably from hidden windows. E.g. when running WS_FTP Pro and transferring a file, an icon appears captioned "Transfer Manager", which is not visible when Smart Taskbar isn't running.
Christian Studer   2002-11-24 09:43
Which version of WS_FTP are you using? I have 6.02 myself, and haven't noticed this problem so far.

If possible, please send me a VB3 app to, I don't have access to VB3 for testing.

Christian Studer -
Peaksys   2002-11-24 20:03
WS_FTP 7.02. I've sent you a simple VB3 app that illustrates the problem.
Christian Studer   2002-11-25 04:56
Thanks for the VB3 app. The problem is fixed, an update is available for download:

Windows 98/Me:
Windows 2000/XP:

To install the update, close UltraMon, then extract the ZIP to your UltraMon directory, usually C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Smart Taskbar problem

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