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Christian Studer   2002-11-25 07:24
I have just tested the final 40.72 drivers for Nvidia video cards, mirroring still doesn't work with these drivers.

Nvidia is aware of this issue. As far as I know the only workaround is to use older drivers.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2002-11-28 08:09
Update on this issue: there is an easy workaround, with the nView Desktop Manager disabled, mirroring works fine.

To do this, go to Control Panel and open the NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager, then uncheck 'Enable nView Desktop Manager'.

Christian Studer -
Murray Kerdman   2003-01-04 15:52

Does mirroring alays result in "blocky" text?

I am testing Ultramon in aconfiguration as follows:

Primary- AGP ATI AIW 8500DV outputing 40X480 to the ATI HDTV Dongle as Y, Pb, Pr to an HDTV.

Secondary- PCI is a Nvidia Geoforce4 MX420 connected to a Samsung 151MP which ahs BVGA/Y, Pb, Pr HDTV and S-Video inputs.

When I boot up only the Y, Pb, Pr from the ATI AIW 8500DV is seen on the HDTV connections.

Whn I launch UltraMon mirror mode the 1024X768 is visible on teh VGA inputs of the Samsung 151MP.

However, the graphics and text are "blocky" or somewhat cratoonish.

Is this normal in mirror mode?

Also, I cannot display video overlay (DVD or TV) on the "mirrored" 1024X768 display. Is this normal in mirror mode?

Thank you in advance for your prompt assistance in this regard.

Murray Kerdman

Murray Kerdman
Christian Studer   2003-01-05 01:10
Hi Murray,

you will get blocky text if the resolution of the mirror target display is higher than that of the mirror source display, such as in your case when mirroring from a 640x480 display to a 1024x768 display.

The best solution is to make the resolutions match, by using 640x480 for the Samsung when mirroring. The resolution can be adjusted on the mirror settings dialog. Image quality probably won't be ideal because this isn't the native resolution for the Samsung, but it should be much better than before.

Mirroring of overlays is not supported. You could try disabling overlays on the Options tab of the mirror settings dialog, but usually DVD playback won't work if overlays are disabled.

Christian Studer -
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