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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Remote desktop makes secundairy wallpaper disappear
Jeroen Cuppen   2002-12-03 22:59
When I access my computer through remote desktop, windows will start using an alternate display driver that does not use/support multiple monitors. My secondary monitor 'disappears' for a while, until I physically log in to my computer again.

Somehow, because ultramon can only see one monitor, it forgets the wallpaper I specified for the secundairy monitor and it will be colored blue. I have to go to the wallpaper settings and browse to the wallpaper I want on my secundairy again...

I tried making the wallpaper file (not the bitmap but the smaller ultramon file), read only, but this causes other problems (I forgot exactly what happened, but I got other problems with wallpapers disappearing etc.)
Christian Studer   2002-12-04 00:02
Thanks for your bug report, this has been fixed for the next release. The problem could also occur if the system is booted with one monitor not connected, or when installing new display drivers.

A patch is available:

Windows 98/Me:
Windows 2000/XP:

To install the patch, extract the ZIP to your UltraMon directory, usually C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Jeroen Cuppen   2002-12-05 02:41
Thank you that helped :)

Only problem remaining is that the wallpaper doesn't reappear after remote desktop when remote desktop hides it temporarely, but since this also happens to me when ultramon isn't loaded, this can't be a problem with ultramon
Christian Studer   2002-12-05 04:17
I also haven't been able to reproduce this on my system, the wallpaper always appears again when logging in locally. Maybe it's an issue with another application or some system setting.

To quickly load the wallpaper again, try running UltraMonDesktop.exe with either the /refresh or /load command-line arguments (UltraMon Help > Scripting > Command-line arguments has more information).

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Remote desktop makes secundairy wallpaper disappear

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