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Jeroen Cuppen   2002-12-10 06:13
When running a game that uses 256 colors and a certain palette there are problems when using ultramon's automatic wallpaper resizer at the same time.
A few seconds after the game has started and initialised its display palette, ultramon will resize the wallpaper.
Because there are now only 256 colors, windows will try to create an optimal palette for the new wallpaper. This will replace the old palette of the game and you will get the very old (windows 3.1?) screwed up colors problem.

Current workaround:
- Exit ultramon before running the game
- disable the 'adjust wallpaper when displ. config changes' option.

Possible solutions to the problems in the programming:
- An option that disables the auto-updating when display is in 256 colors (but still uses it in higher color depths)
- detect if the foregroundwindow is fullscreen. If this is the case, don't update wallpaper (you can't see it anyway)
- detect if directdraw/direct3d is active (fullscreen)

If you want a game that has the problem, try downloading the worms 2 demo:

The problem appears:
- on the startup screen
- in the main game if you switch using alt-tab, let the wallpaper change, then switch back and let it change to 256 colors again
- On the exit screen
Christian Studer   2002-12-10 09:59
Thanks for your bug report. I'll add a more convenient workaround in the next release, UltraMon won't refresh the wallpaper when the primary is using 256-color mode.

This workaround will be optional, so if you use 256-color mode for the desktop, you will still be able to use automatic wallpaper refreshing.

Christian Studer -
John Pettitt   2002-12-20 16:44
I just reported the same thing by email - you could also make it so that when a direct X game is playing ultramon goes to sleep which would might be a better way to go.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Palette problems on 256 colors

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