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Jeroen Cuppen   2002-12-11 05:42
If a new window is placed on the secondary monitor, the smart taskbar will make the taskbar buttons as width as is necessary for the window width the longest caption. This happens up to a certain maximum button width.

The windows taskbar doesn't have this functionality. So it will be different and users don't like change (Well I don't really like it personally). I don't really understand why ultramon does this because I only see it having disadvantages compared to a fixed size that only shrinks when the bar runs out of space.

There is one problem with the system though:
The buttons only grow whenever a new window is put onto the monitor, but not when the window caption changes!

My explorer in windows .net only uses the path as window title. If I start the explorer window it only shows C:\. But if I browse to a directory there is no room for the new window title (for example C:\program file), but only shows "C..". If I move another window on the screen or it is fixed again so it isn't a huge problem, but it isn't very 'polished'

I made a very simple VB program to reproduce the problem, you can download it here:

Alternately, to reproduce it yourself you could write a very simple program that changes its caption to what you type into it.

Make all buttons a fixed size no matter their caption size. Only decrease it the bar gets crowded.
Christian Studer   2002-12-12 01:20
Thanks for the bug report, has been fixed for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Ordos20   2003-04-08 01:29
Well interestingly enough, i do not get a caption on inactive programs on my second monitor. This is bothering the crap out of me coz i have multiple windows of the same program on the second monitor and i keep klicking the wrong one. Any one any idea how to get the captions to work on the taskbar in the second screen?
Christian Studer   2003-04-08 10:26
Do the custom window buttons vanish as soon as the application is inactive? Do you see this problem only with some applications? Please also let me know what operating system you are using.

Christian Studer -
Ordos20   2003-04-09 03:05
Well i am running winxp Pro with service pack 1. IF i hover my mouse over the captions in the taskbar on the second monitor i see the text, when the item is selected on the second monitor i see the caption in the taskbar of said item, but when the program is minimized or inactive the caption is not there (in the taskbar). Primary window is perfect, secondary window only has this tasbar problem. This is the only slight problem that occurs, for the rest its working fine
Christian Studer   2003-04-09 08:37
Do the task buttons still show the application icon? You can also send me a screenshot showing the problem to

Might also be a compatibility issue with a third-party visual style. If you aren't using one of the default styles, please send me a download link for the style you are using.

Christian Studer -
Ordos20   2003-04-09 16:31
I have been mashing down any combination of keys together with the PrtScrn button, to no avail, but yes the icons are there active and inactive. Its only the text. The visual style (used together with Stylexp 1.01) is sent to the designated email.
Christian Studer   2003-04-11 11:29
Thanks for the file. I have found the problem, has been fixed for the next release.

There's also another issue with this visual style, the buttons aren't sized or aligned correctly (off by about 1-2 pixels). I'll look into this as well for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Some Dude asking questions   2003-07-14 01:45
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