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Luke H   2002-12-15 08:20
Hi Christian... im a proud owner of Ultramon and am considering buying Videosaver as well.

2 issues:

1) the feature of playing different videos on each monitor is *key* that would be awesome. it should be able to 'draw' from the pool of available files in your playlist / randomize.

2) I 2nd the suggestion by someone else to be able to play back streaming video (mms://) files and other such formats. this would be nice.

3) can you please tell me what video format puts the least amount of strain on the CPU? I am currently running a p4 2.4ghz with 6 monitors powered by a NVidea Quadro4 NVS (quad-head) and 2 geforce 4mx cards. All set to 32-bit 1024x768. CPU load when running the saver is very high- 80-100% nominal. The videos i am playing back are 1024x768 divx format.

I am trying to bring this down to the <50% level if possible. Any suggestions welcome.


Christian Studer   2002-12-15 09:16
Hi Luke,

both 1) and 2) are planned for the next major release, unfortunately this might take some time, it's quite possible that the first beta won't be available until late 2003.

Regarding performance: I don't know which codecs are the most efficient. MPEG always works well for me, but probably it depends more on the bandwidth of the video than the codec.

If the Quadro doesn't support video overlays on all monitors, this could have a severe impact on performance.

Christian Studer -
Luke H   2002-12-16 15:36
Christian thanks for the reply-

glad to hear these are in the works.... 'slow but steady wins the race'.

I have found that while your software may not be released very quickly, it is always very stable and trouble-free so i appreciate all of the careful testing that you do.

how can i tell if my videocard supports overlays on all 4 heads? I am not sure how to check for this. I am using the detonator 41.09 drivers for all the cards.

Christian Studer   2002-12-17 11:29
One way to check this would be to run a DVD player on each monitor you want to test. If it works, the monitor has overlay support, otherwise it doesn't.

You could do this with Zoom Player: move it to the monitor you want to test, then play the DVD movie.

Christian Studer -
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