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Jim Senate   2015-08-03 11:35

I looked through recent threads, but if this question has already been answered elsewhere, if you can please point me in the right direction.

I am helping at a self storage business to setup a computer with 3 video cards that is pushing video to 5qty 50" 1080 televisions (to display security cameras). The 6th video out is for the local computer monitor.

The issues is:
1) How can I easily administer the 5 television monitors? I have to drag and drop the security feed individually to each monitor, but I cannot see them as they are in another room. So currently I have to use 75ft USB extension cable to take the keyboard and mouse into the other room and manually drag, drop and maximize the security feed onto each TV.

2) I can manage it, but if there is ever a power loss, then Windows will reshuffle the monitors and I will no longer have the correct security feeds on the correct monitors. Then I have to drag the USB extension cable out and do it manually again.

What is the easiest way to manage this type of setup?

- Is there a way to 'hard code' the monitors so they do not re-shuffle if one monitor is turned off or looses power?

- Is there a way easily manage the 5 TV monitors from the computer console without having to use the USB extension cable to manually drag and drop the security feeds to each monitor?

Thanks in advance!
Christian Studer   2015-08-03 17:21
1) you could use the MirrorMon add-on for UltraMon to display the contents of one of the TVs on the local monitor.

2) is the monitor arrangement messed up, or do the monitors get numbered differently (monitor A was previously #1 but is now #2)?

Christian Studer -
Jim Senate   2015-08-08 11:20
Thank you for the quick reply. I will check out the MirrorMon add-on.

In response to your question, yes. On the computer running Windows 8 with 6 HDMI monitors attached, if a monitor looses power it causes the other monitors to reshuffle, such that they are renumbered. Thus they no longer display the desired video sources.

For example, I have a security cam view of the front door displayed to TV monitor1. If monitor3 looses power, Windows reshuffles the layout and monitor1 is now displaying a security cam view of outside.

Christian Studer   2015-08-08 12:01
When this happens, does monitor 1 show the view which was previously on monitor 3? If a monitor gets disabled the windows on that monitor will be moved to another monitor, maybe that's what happens.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> 6 Monitor Setup - Monitor order changes when a monitor looses power

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