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Garion2K   2003-01-17 03:03
I am having problems using Remote Desktop with Ultramon 2.1.

When I connect, I am prompted to log in normally. After entering my username and password, the screen goes blank and nothing else happens. After this, when I try to physically log into my computer the screen is blank, the mouse cursor moves, but the keyboard seems to be unresponsive. I have to hit the RESET button on the computer to reboot so I can log back in.

I have a Geforce 4 4200, and am using driver version 41.03. I'm using Windows XP Professional SP1. I have disabled NView. I've tried 41.09 but had general stability issues in Windows so I reverted back to 41.03.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Christian Studer   2003-01-17 03:29
Are you sure this is related to UltraMon? Does the problem go away if UltraMon isn't running, or has been uninstalled?

Remote desktop works fine on both my XP systems, one is also using Nvidia cards with 41.09 drivers.

Christian Studer -
Garion2K   2003-01-17 07:33
The problem hasn't occured after I removed Ultramon. :(
Christian Studer   2003-01-17 07:55
If you want to do further testing, try if it works fine if the mirroring feature isn't installed. You can remove the mirroring feature during Setup.

Christian Studer -
Garion2K   2003-01-19 02:51
I'll try it out this week and let you know. Thanks!
Jeroen Cuppen   2003-01-20 02:28
I have this when I force windows XP to use logitech serial mouse driver.

If I use remote desktop or fast user switching, the screen goes blank. This does not happen with the default drivers. (though they stop working after using fast user switching / remote desktop).

So you should be able to reproduce the problem by doing a user switch to another user.
Christian Studer   2003-01-20 04:31
Jeroen, is it an issue only with the Logitech driver or the combination of UltraMon and the Logitech driver?

Christian Studer -
Garion2K   2003-01-21 10:22
Good news! I think that fixed the problem! I've tried it about 6 times in the past couple days and everything seems to be working fine.

The only other difference I can think of is I uninstalled WebShots (wallpaper manager) as well. I doubt that was causing a problem, but thought I would mention it.

Re the Logitech mouse: I have a Logitech MX700, but I'm using the native Windows XP drivers, not Logitech's Mouseware. I have it connected via USB.
Cory   2003-01-27 14:20
I have the same problem, and I narrowed it down to Ultramon also. I thought it was the Mirror driver as I used to get a message saying that the mirror driver loaded incorrectly (can't remember the verbatim message) so I uninstalled mirroring, but I still get the problem. I am using logitech mouse drivers, so that could be it. I will try removing them and see what happens.
Steve Crooks   2003-03-06 00:00
I'm having similar, but not as drastic, problems. When I remote connect to my machine which was running two screens at home, I get a thin white line halfway across about the middle of the remote screen. At first I thought it was a display problem on the machine I was using to remote connect, but then I clicked on the line and found out it was the taskbar from my second monitor!

Then later, when I get home, I'm still in dual screen mode but Ultramon thinks I'm in single screen mode. Turning off and on the second screen from display properties doesn't fix things. I have to restart Ultramon.

Kind of a pain....
Christian Studer   2003-03-06 02:47
Thanks for the bug report.

The taskbar issue only seems to happen if the taskbar is set to autohide and 'Show Border When Hidden' is checked. Is this the configuration you are using on your system?

The second issue you mentioned will occur if you are logged out of the remote dual-monitor system, login remotely, then login locally again. This issue should be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
Steve Crooks   2003-03-06 02:53
Yes, autohide and 'Show Border When Hidden' are checked. If both of those are required for the floating taskbar problem to show up, I'll simply turn off 'Show Border When Hidden'.

Thanks for the response. I'll be looking forward to the next release for that bug fix!
Joseph Chang   2005-04-15 08:53
I have a similar problem where I can't remote desktop into my computer if it's been running for a while. I'm able to login and the background wallpaper will load after which I will not get any further. I have mirroring uninstalled and Show Border When Hidden is unchecked, but neither of those seem to help. I think turning UltraMon off fixes it, as well as rebooting (I can remote desktop in for a short while then it stops working).
Christian Studer   2005-04-15 09:17
Do you only have this problem when connecting remotely, or also when logging in locally?

Maybe you're hitting the maximum number of open windows, which will occur a bit sooner with UltraMon running. If that's the case, you should be able to reproduce the problem when logged in locally as well, just try opening a couple additional applications, for example several Internet Explorer instances.

Christian Studer -
Joseph Chang   2005-04-15 09:31
Wow, quick reply. =)

I just tried opening 15 IE windows in addition to my normal windows open. Nothing unusual. I'm not sure if you wanted me to log out somehow (to try to see if the problem is logging in with a bunch of windows already open). I can't task switch b/c the option isn't available (b/c I'm on a domain?). I usually am able to RD from my 2nd desktop at work, so I think I'll poke around a bit more to see if maybe it's just timing out when I RD from home. I'll need to remember to shutoff UltraMon to see if that fixes my ability to RD from home. BTW, isn't there some sort of registry key change that will fix the too many open windows problem you mentioned? Thanks.
Christian Studer   2005-04-16 08:10
See this thread for more information on increasing the maximum number of open windows.

It's probably not that though if you have no similar issues when logged in locally, seems unlikely that Remote Desktop would use up that much resources.

Christian Studer -
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