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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Windows XP Dual Monitors = Really bad audio
Andy Cleeremans   2003-01-19 20:40
Hey guys,

Read through the forums in the past, and people posted it, but there were no real answers.

Running Windows XP on a P4 system, with a GF2 Ultra (AGP) and a TNT2 (PCI) for the two monitors. I am also using a SB Audigy! Card with the drivers from Creative.

The problem is (finally), that I can run winamp JUST fine on the second monitor.. no distortion, or crackling. However, move a video file over there, or even a couple panels from my Flight Simulator over there, and it all goes to hell. The audio from the movie, or even from the non-sound producing windows on the right monitor (the TNT2) produces a nasty loud crackling noise, and even distorts the audio.

I was wondering, if there was anyway for this to be avoided. The two cards are on seperate IRQ's, and are not right next to each other in my system's PCI slots (the TNT2 and the Audigy!)

Please help me guys, this is really irritating me.

Nite   2003-01-22 00:31
There's nothing wrong with your display adapter, the crackling noise comes from very bad engineering by Creative. All PCI creative soundcards "hog" the PCI bus almost completely, so any other information transmitted via it (like, signal to a PCI display adapter) disorts the sound. All fine fine as long as nothing (big) happens on the other monitor (driven by the PCI card).

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do, short of dumping the Creative card and buying another that really works and is designed so that one can keep other cards than the soundcard. I wholeheartedly recommend buying a Hercules Fortissimo/DigiFire card, unless you especially need the EAX Advanced HD. (to play, what, three games?)

I sold my Audigy and bought a Fortissimo III 7.1 and hasn't been disappointed at all, not a second. The sound is really great (and the analog sub-out packs n+1 times more punch than the creative-one).

Nite - "can't rain all the time"
Really Big Dick   2003-03-29 06:01
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Windows XP Dual Monitors = Really bad audio

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