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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Radeon 9700 pro and two mon OpenGL?
mu-sash-i   2003-01-24 12:10
I just got a 9700 pro to solve my need for OpenGL on two monitors (I use Maya), I wrote many emails to ATI specifically asking if it does support two mon OpenGL and they told me that Hydravision 2 DID. Not quite so directly as I make them sound either.

But it does NOT. At least not so's I can determine. Can anyone solve my problem?

Stefan   2003-01-25 21:19
Maybe you need to set the 2 monitors to the same resolution.I have a GF 4 and can use openGL at the primary OR secondary monitor,if I drive different resolution.But I can use openGL (Cinema4D) on both monitors simultaneousely,if I set my monitors to identical resolution (WinXP).
dkev   2003-01-26 16:35
Ive ran two diffrent open gl screensavers at the same time on my duals using multi mon on the 9700 with no problem.
Slibus   2003-01-27 02:20
Me too.
Keith   2003-01-27 03:26
Now I am really confused, I have been corresponding with Marvin G. at ATI because on W2K and the 8500 card using the Catalyst 3.0 and 6255 drivers, I get what they call the Big desktop and acceleration is on both monitors. On another machine running the 9700Pro with Catalyst 3.0, the drivers use an extended desktop and according to Marvin G. "Video-Overlay including any 3D Acceleration (Direct3D OR OpenGL) support exists ONLY on your PRIMARY monitor". This is also my experience, my applications only have OpenGL acceleration on Monitor 1. This is also true on a machine running XP and the 8500, only Monitor 1 has acceleration. Now the older drivers did have acceleration on both monitors, but that was maybe version 6102 or earlier. Can someone provide more details of how they get acceleration on both monitors. Thanks.
mu-sash-i   2003-01-27 12:52
You experience the same problem with DVD playback. If you move the player over to the other screen you still get audio, but the video freezes. This is driving me CRAZY!!!

I upgraded from a Wildcat II 5000/GF2MX combo so I could get.... 2 mon OGL. At least I can play games now.
mu-sash-i   2003-01-27 12:54
oh. are you using Hydravision or something else (UltraMon perhaps?)
Keith   2003-01-28 08:05
Hydravision 3.20, maybe Dkev will let us know how he got two opengl screensavers running. Still have not gotten a final answer back from ATI as to when or if the drivers will provide acceleration on the extended desktop for both monitors.
Keith   2003-01-29 04:49
Finally got this reply from ATI:
"After investigating your issue into greater detail I have found that the Radeon 8500 will still have a BIG desktop in Windows 2000. The Radeon 97000 will not have this BIG dsesktop due to its dual controllers. Any product prior to the Radeon 9000 will have big desktop regardless of the drivers in Windows 2000.

That said, The 9700 can have video acceleration, but only on one the PRIMARY monitor. 3D hardware acceleration is not supported on both monitors at the same time.

This is simply how the hardware is designed."

I don't agree that this is hardware design and not a driver issue so I am going to post this on any forum I can find.
mu-sash-i   2003-01-29 12:06
Thanks Keith, I will do the same. If you find anything out please tell me.
mu-sash-i   2003-01-29 14:43
I did some research and it seems that the only difference between the FireGL x1 and the 9700 Pro is a resistor switches places. Other than that it is the same hardware. At least that's what I got from the several sites I checked out.

The FireGL x1 supports acceleration on 2 monitors. SO...... If that is true, it would be a driver issue. But check out

This may present a pseudo-fix. But I didn't tell you about it.
Keith   2003-01-31 01:41
I have also been reading up on RivaTuner and the softmod as well as the resistor changes. It is very interesting. I have used the softmod9700 to upgrade a Sapphire 9500 NP 128 MB card to a 9700, it worked very well. I have not ventured into hardware modding, yet. Will definitely keep you posted on any improvements I try.
mu-sash-i   2003-01-31 13:33
They just released the 9700 --> FGL x1 today....

I'm at school right now (in lab... $#(*)@(&$)@$&!!!). Have to wait to go home and try it out. You always have something you HAVE to do before you can do what you WANT to do (unless your parents are rich, but most of us aren't that). I'm going to try it out tonight and post the results.
Keith   2003-02-03 04:16
Used the Rivatuner with SoftFireGL and FireGL X1 drivers 1021 driver at ATI, acceleration on both monitors and OpenGL performance is amazing. The Dell driver 1054? is also recommended on the forums, but I have not loaded DX9 so I stayed with the 1021. Thanks for the forum link, I had not seen that thread, lots of good info.
mu-sash-i   2003-02-03 18:20
Yeah, I'm using the Dell drivers, performance is great (2 mon OPEN GL!!!!! My Holy Grail), but it doesn't push as many polys as my Wildcat II 5000.... Once it gets to around 40000 it starts to chug. How many polys are you pushing?
Stefan   2003-02-03 20:39
BTW,does anone know OpenGL sceensavers for 2 monitors?
David   2003-02-07 15:47
Will the 9100 get True Win2K dual display? I saw earlier that someone said that the 8500 series cards and below gets the BIG desktop problem. But since the 9100 is actually based on the 8500 Chipset I am afraid it will also have that problem. From what I read the 9000 is definitely fully W2K dual display compatible, but I want the 9100, because I have read that the 8500 actually is a better card in the other aspects (speed and rendering), and that the 9100 is an even better version of the 8500.

So if the 9100 works dual display in W2K then i will get it, if not, then oh well, i will just take the 9000 and get over it.
llevering   2003-02-12 08:01
Well I've found that for as far as I can see now, only the Radeon 9500/9700 support real multi-monitor on W2k.

I've a Radeon 9000 and I can't get it to real multi-monitor at W2k. If anyone has a suggestion I would welcome it, but I don't believe any more in getting this to work.
Keith   2003-02-12 09:33
This is a quote from cs at ATI,

After investigating your issue into greater detail I have found that the Radeon 8500 will still have a BIG desktop in Windows 2000. The Radeon 97000 will not have this BIG dsesktop due to its dual controllers. Any product prior to the Radeon 9000 will have big desktop regardless of the drivers in Windows 2000.

I take this to mean that 9000 and up should have an extended desktop with individual resolution settings. I have used 9500 and 9700 cards but not 9000 or 9100. With hydravision installed the cards have a check box for extend desktop and each monitor can be set. My problem has been that in this extended desktop, video acceleration is only on the primary monitor, not both. Hope this helps.
llevering   2003-02-14 00:00
Well Keith from you quote it would mean it should work. But it still doesn't. Only with Windows XP solves the problem or installing a graphic card with a 9500/9700 chipset. We are very disappointed in the ATI-support so far, because we rather not use Windows XP.
STEFF   2003-03-04 23:29
Amazing to find all this info

Thinking of buying computer with Rad9700pro

?It seems like the card only supports dual monitors if one is a digital/flat screen type - not two cathode ray? types - is this correct?

?Is it possible to add another PCI graphics card and run another monitor that way?
Java Joe   2003-03-09 21:56
Hey Guy's I just ordered a new dell system and I am having problems getting my questions answered. I ordered P4 2.53/533 sys bus 512K L2 Cache, 512 RDRAM, 128DDR ATI Radeon 9700 TX W/TV out & DVI, 120 gig HD@7200RPM,running XP. I also ordered the adapter for two monitors only it specified CRT I ordered 2 18.1 FP monitors. My question to you all is should I change anything in this order to fix and compatability issues.
jarren   2003-05-04 04:29
mu-sash-i: so can we conclude that the mod solved your problem?

OGL both monitors.

video overlay both monitors? im looking at trading my 4600 for a 9700 pro and want to make sure that i can have my tv tuner on both monitors and also want to be able to make it so if a video is on one window - it will be full screen on the other.
Mangyrat   2003-05-07 10:26
?It seems like the card only supports dual monitors if one is a digital/flat screen type - not two cathode ray? types - is this correct?

if you want 2 crt's then yes the 9700 will work fine just get a dvi to vga conector.
i have no idea what cathode ray is.

im running 2 kds 19" monitors now on a 9700pro works great
also running 2 monitors on a gf fx 5200 both use the dvi to vga conector to conect the 2nd monitor
the dvi to vga conector might come with your card if not its like $7 on the net
Mike Riches   2003-05-09 15:01
Is there a way to combine the 9500->9800 Soft Mod with the Soft FireGL modification?
sir_rob   2003-07-12 03:19
Can anyone confirm that the radeon 9000, 9100, 9200 have REAL dual monitor support? Thanks!
Mike   2003-07-12 08:07
crt = cathode ray tube

i have no idea what cathode ray is.>

kuglvinkl   2003-07-15 07:03
8500=9100 does not (R200+ RAMDAC on PCB). 9200=9000 (RV250, 2 RAMDAC's in core) have _true_ MM support. All this in Win2k.

In WinXP it should working fine with 8500.
sir_rob   2003-07-27 11:35
Thanks kuglvinkl,
I think I will get a Radeon 9000 Pro in that case. I learned by flashing my 8500 to a 9100 that REAL dual display with a 9100 is not possible in Win2k. A moderator at said that he got it to work, but I think not.
DA MAN   2004-10-25 06:04
If you have a ATI 7000 graphic card which card is best to support dual VGA desktops...? So you could use both at the same time one with one resoltion the other monitor at yet a differnt setting?
Greg Norris   2005-01-05 16:03
After reading all the posts in this thread, it is still not clear what I would need to do to allow DVD playback to extend over 2 monitors (ie. giving a widescreen playback with the left half on the left monitor, and the right half on the right monitor).
I've got 2 LCD monitors (one analog, one digital) running in horizontal extended mode (so they appear as one monitor) with an ATI Radeon 9800, but when I play a DVD in PowerDVD 4.0 or WMP, and drag the playing video across the monitor boundary, the part of the window in the 2nd monitor is black!.
I basically want the 2 monitors to act like a widescreen monitor when playing DVDs.
Is this possible with some different DVD playback app, or with different drivers, or is it just not possible with my vid card?


mic   2005-01-13 19:23
are the ATI 9600 AGP and 9200 PCI compatible to run in a single Win2K based system? I am looking to run three monitors using the AGP as the primary. Any help anyone?
tom   2005-01-18 12:29

running three lcd's 2x15" 1x17" on three cards, i want to get a three monitor esktop that does not get weird on the larger monitor any ideas?

another question, i have a gateway 450rog with a radeon 7500 and was wondering if there is a workaround to get windows 2000 to recognize it correctly, right now it just stretches over the two screens.

Matt   2005-01-19 02:45
I have the exact same setup as you (Radeon 9800 pro) and can't work out how to playback dvd's over two screens. When I used quicktime and tried to drag the window half in one and half in the other it works completly and doesn't go black. But quicktime is terrible and doesn't play dvd's. If you find a solution could you please email me? matt69(at)

tony   2005-04-02 03:42
I've just installed a ati 9550 video cad and a Aidiophile sound card on my brand new computer running window xp. Weid thing happens. I uses Wind dvd to playpback a dvd on my screen and it works perfectly. But the next tome, I try this again, wind dvd only playbacks in irregular slow motion even on my monitor with without using dual display. After considerable time of trying, I discovered that if disable my sound card, than I can dvd but, of course I got no sound. I try Power dvd and Window Media Player and they all exhibit the same behavior. It drives me crazy. Is it possible that dual display with tv output compromises copyright protection so that dvd playback s/w take the action of drving me crazy?

Your advise is greatly appreciated.

tony vd
Bart   2005-05-13 08:27
Hey everyone,

what you need to do is download Utramon
and after instaling right click on the icon
in the taskbar\threadbar and select mirroring
you'll than have to select the options tab and left click on disable video and 3d overlays,
when you have don this you will be able to span windvd across 2 or 3 monitors, ofcourse when ou are going to play a game you have to reset the settings.
Bart   2005-05-13 08:37
hey tony,

your problem is probably related to decoding doldy digital signal internaly on your sound card and not on the decoder you may have hooked up on the card...
so what hapens is that all the proccecing power of the CPU and the soundcard CPU goes to the dolby digital decoding thread and not to the mpeg2 thread,
solution for this is to put your powerdvd or windvd on stereo settings or if its a creative card go to the audio HQ program and select decoder settings and switch it to passthrough mode, that way the signal wich is dolby surround digital or prologic is passed
through your sound card unalltered to your speaker system, for other soundcards than creative just look for the decoder settings

Ed   2005-06-20 11:40
Hi Bart,

Hope you can help me.

I have updated all my drivers

I have adjusted settings in Nview and changed that setting in Ultramon and all i have been able to achieve is

dvd displays full picture in both monitors

dvd displays full picture in one monitor and half picture in the other

But what i was after was half picture on each side (wide screen).

card is fx 5900 vivo
2 identical monitors

latest DirectX and Nvidia drivers
win XP pro

Nview maybe interfering with ultramon?

Any thoughts?

cool xbox freak   2005-08-02 10:41
thats ez you press x-b-up-down-down on your xbox settings then your xbox will turn orange and all the programming will come up saying 101101{]# and you poot the programming error in and it will scan you xbox for the error answer for more info e-mail me at

Barnaby   2005-09-02 04:04
Hello everyone,

I just installed an ATI FireGL T2-128 dual-port AGP card (one VGA plug and one DVI plug) in a Dell Precision 530 workstation running Win2000 sp4. I cannot get true dual monitor support, just the BIG desktop with the taskbar extending all the way across both screens, with all windows maximizing to cover both monitors. Does anyone know how/if I can fix this and get true dual monitor support with my current configuration?

I heard that "workarounds" are needed to configure the driver, etc. Does anyone know if this is true, and, if so, exactly what these workarounds entail?

Thank you,
george   2005-11-01 08:50
I got the same result as windvd shows black on one monitor, and either 1/2 on the other or full, depending on if keep aspect ration is selected in windvd. (using ultramon)
sircle   2005-12-03 22:38
I have two super useful tips or the original maya post and concerning the dvd on both screens.
1. Install Entech Powerstrip 3.6
(You can enable opengl for the second screen)
(I prefer this way)

2. In Display Settings disable extend my monitor to the second screen. Install the newest ATI driver 8.163.1 and go to Advanced. In the displays tab, turn on the off monitor on and click the little blue arrow button. That stretches one Resolution across both displays. Then back in settings make it something like 2560X1024.

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