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jay   2016-07-11 09:29
I'm using a R7 370 graphics card to run four displays. It was working for months and all of a sudden windows can't detect the fourth monitor. I've switch two monitors and their connections and when the 4th monitor is connected the third one goes blank. It seem to be independent of the connection on the card and it doesn't matter which port is connected, the 3rd card blanks out when 4th one is connected
jay   2016-07-11 11:24
*3rd monitor blanks out
Christian Studer   2016-07-11 13:01
My guess would be a display driver issue, maybe the driver got updated at some point. Shouldn't be a hardware issue if all ports work fine individually.

Christian Studer -
jay   2016-07-12 13:15
They are saying i need an MST hub, but what happened months ago. I have an amd 4100w graphics card, it should work fine for additional monitors??
Christian Studer   2016-07-12 14:47
I'm not familiar with this specific card, but from the specs it looks like it should support 4 monitors, and it has 4 outputs so I doubt you'll need a MST hub.

Christian Studer -
jay   2016-07-16 09:32

Is it possible to mix AMD radeon and pro series cards. I know they have separate drivers but shouldn't windows detect the display??
jay   2016-07-16 09:33
I was giving a w4100 card. i don't have a 5th+ monitors yet but im interested.
Christian Studer   2016-07-16 09:43
Different drivers is no problem, if I remember correctly only Windows Vista didn't support this.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> quad display

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