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SoupGuru   2003-02-23 17:39
When I play a game, the taskbar can be seen flickering on the bottom of the screen. To the point that if I mouse over it and click, I can switch windows, etc.(which is not cool when you're about to frag someone). If I close ultramon, I don't have the problem.

I've had a history with this problem outlined below.
I currently have v2.1 of ultramon and a geforce2 mx 400 on my primary monitor but the same has happened with previous versions of the program as well as a previous geforce2 mx 200. I've tried disabling smart taskbar but with no luck. It only stops if I close ultramon from the system tray.

To fill in the details:
1G Athlon
Win2k SP3
384M RAM
Monitor 1: Geforce2 MX 400
Monitor 2: Voodoo3
Christian Studer   2003-02-25 01:11
Thanks for the bug report.

I have been able to reproduce the problem when the game is running on a monitor with an UltraMon taskbar, worked fine though if the game was running on the monitor with the Windows taskbar.

I'll look into this for the next release.

Christian Studer -
jama   2003-10-18 00:34
Setting Taskbar display via "Display Profiles" would be *very* useful for that issue, because I'm always assigning a display profile to a game.
Gareth   2004-01-30 23:38
On a similar theme, if you have a full-screen Remote Desktop (or Terminal Server) connection open on a monitor with Smart Taskbar the bar pops up every time you approach the bottom of the screen. This is irritating because you need to approach the bottom of the screen to use the taskbar on the machine you're remotely controlling.

Dataforce   2005-02-26 08:58
Is this going to be fixed? its highly annoying when using Terminal Services. The taskbar should disable/enable always on top when there is a full screen app on the monitor.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> flickering taskbar durning games, etc.

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