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Andrew Schwartz   2003-03-18 04:23
Is there any way to pause a video being played, or seek (fast forward/rewind). I think these features would help those who use this software not as a screen saver, but as a video player for multimonitor.
Christian Studer   2003-03-18 05:02
This is planned for the next major release. I don't have a date yet though.

The following keyboard controls are available:

Skip forward: right arrow
Skip backward: left arrow
Increase volume: up arrow
Decrease volume: down arrow
Toggle mute: M

Christian Studer -
Andrew Schwartz   2003-03-19 08:51
I'm not clear on whether you mean that those keyboard controls will be available, or they currently are. I cannot get them to work, as pressing any key immediately ends the screen saver. Also, is there any feature for pausing?

--Andrew Schwartz
Christian Studer   2003-03-19 09:00
Skip and volume control are already available, pausing isn't supported. To enable the keyboard interface, open the VideoSaver configuration, switch to the Options tab and check 'Keyboard Controls'.

Available keyboard controls are also listed in Help.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> More video controls

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