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Francis   2018-06-15 02:46
I have been using UM since 2009. I have Windows 10 with secondary taskbars and only icons showing for the open windows on each screen. With no windows open on a secondary monitor it shows no icons just the time. When I open the first window it shows the icon for that window. If the window is minimized and I want to maximise I go to click on the icon but it changes to the Cortana button and launches Cortana instead. Subsequent windows are not affected in teh same way. Is there a way to disable Cortana showing on secondary taskbars?

If I set Cortana to hidden on the Primary taskbar the problem goes away but I would prefer to have Cortana showing as a button on the main taskbar.

Any help appreciated.

Christian Studer   2018-06-17 11:01
This will be fixed in the next release. As far as I know Cortana/Search can't be disabled just for secondary taskbars.

Christian Studer -
christopher_stark   2018-06-19 09:37
I'm having this same issue. Any idea when the "next release" is coming? We talking months, weeks, days? I've always loved this app!

SysAdmin for Non-profit
Christian Studer   2018-06-20 01:57
I don't know yet, but it's more months than days.

Christian Studer -
Jason Dale   2019-06-01 23:06
1. Load up regedit
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
3. Here, look for a folder called 'Windows Search' - if you don't see this folder - create it.
4. Next, inside the windows search folder, right click and choose the option to create a new 32-bit DWord value.
5. Right click the new value and rename it to AllowCortana
6. Double Click the value and set the value data to 0

Let me share a guide to completely disable cortana in windows system.

Jason Dale
Craig   2019-08-13 05:18
Just to say thanks for that Cortana guide Jason, have had a similar issue trying to get rid of 'her' altogether and it really helped.

Honestly not sure how many Windows users find much use for Cortana rather than just Googling things. Not her biggest fan!

Thanks again.

Craig [Appliance Analysts]
GS Eagle   2020-09-04 05:05
Thank you Jason that worked great!
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Windows 10 Secondary Taskbar & Cortana

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