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J. Matt Wickless   2003-04-29 04:14
Occasionally on the smart taskbar, an icon will not disappear when an app closes, and I am left with an orphan icon that has no right-click menu. I would love to see an option on the smart taskbar right-click menu to refresh icons.

I'm using version 2.1
Christian Studer   2003-04-29 11:03
I'll consider this for one of the next releases.

To refresh the taskbar manually, select 'Show Tasks from' from the taskbar menu, uncheck the selected monitor, then reselect it again.

Several other users have reported similar problems, unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this issue. If there's any pattern to this, for example it only happens with certain applications, let me know. Please also let me know what operating system you are using.

Christian Studer -
J. Matt Wickless   2003-05-01 02:05
At present I have the issue with Notepad.exe. I can't remember currently what other apps this has happened to. I am using Windows XP Pro with Quad Monitors.
J. Matt Wickless   2003-05-04 13:14
I also just noticed icons from Outlook mail messages showing up when outlook was not open.
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