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Mayres457   2019-05-01 13:10
I upgraded to a new Dell laptop and working with 3 monitors. Every time I wake up my monitors from sleep/unlock my computers my programs are on different monitors then where I left them. I have never had this problem before with other windows 10 computers and these same monitors. This is the first time. Any ideas?
Dell E5590 Latitude SSD, 8GB ram, Video Intel UHD Graphics 620
Christian Studer   2019-05-02 13:13
Not sure what would cause this.

If you're using UltraMon you could try if manually saving/restoring window positions works, you can do this with the Save/RestoreWndPos scripts.

Christian Studer -
Rory Mosko   2020-07-02 09:24
I have this same problem.

I have a laptop (Mon 1) with 2 external monitors (2&3).

Any windows on Monitor 2 that are not maximized when the computer falls asleep show up on Monitor 3 when waking.

I don't see running manual save/restore window positions scripts as a practical solution

Version 3.4.1 + Windows 10 Pro v1909 on LG Gram laptop with Intel UHD Graphics 620
Christian Studer   2020-07-03 01:16
Can't tell you anything else, but it seems unlikely that this would be related to UltraMon, to confirm this close UltraMon before putting the laptop to sleep, then check if you still have the issue after resuming.

Christian Studer -
Steph   2020-09-01 17:36
I've actually started to experience the same problem in the last while. I'm running a 1660ti with 3 monitors.

MonkeyMan   2021-01-07 21:01
This is a general issue with Windows. If you connect the monitor with a newer style cable (Anything but VGA essentially) it will detect when a monitor turns off and move all active Windows to the primary monitor.

There's currently no way to disable this behaviour in software unless you use a Quadro video card. You can either switch back to connecting with a VGA cable or you can break the pin on your DP/HDMI cable which tells the computer your monitor has turned off.
K Dallas   2021-08-16 16:13
I am having a similar problem.

3x 27" Dell 4K monitors attached via displayport to an RTX 3060TI. Win10 Pro.

One random monitor will start going black for 1-2 seconds after a while, and this persists every 30 to 60 seconds. If I screen lock and log back in this sometimes clears but doing that also randomly dumps open windows on other monitors to the primary display.

If I remove Ultramon this behavior *stops*. Very frustrating because the only way I can get the blanking-out to cease is to reboot, and it's a crap-shoot whether or not my windows will stay in place on their desired monitors. I never had this problem when on Win7
Christian Studer   2021-08-19 04:32
Do you have a screen saver enabled? You can see this under Start Menu > Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Screen Saver Settings.

Christian Studer -
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