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Steve   2019-10-15 05:48
Well I searched and read any topic with Remote Desktop and I didn't see anything pertaining to our issue.

We're running UltraMon on Win 10 pc's with multiple monitors (anywhere from 3 to 5) and any other window / application we open has the two UltraMon control buttons added to the application window.

When we open a Remote Desktop session to another box, the remote desktop window does NOT have the UltraMon buttons added, just the standard Min, Max, and Close buttons.

We actually run a lot of RemoteApps this way and it's quite annoying to not be able to treat these windows the same as a "Local" application.

Is there a fix / hack/ workaround for this behavior?

Christian Studer   2019-10-18 04:40
The buttons can be added, but after moving the remote apps via UltraMon they could no longer be moved manually by dragging, and maximized windows couldn't get moved at all. I tested with a Windows 10 client connected to Server 2019.

If you want to give it a try, on the client go to UltraMon Options > Compatibility, then configure settings, click on Browse and select mstsc.exe from folder C:\Windows\System32, then check the option 'force window buttons' and set custom button spacing, on my system 180 pixels worked fine.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Remote Desktop Window not controlled by UltraMon

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