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sfmitch   2020-01-22 16:11
Ultramon on Windows 10.

Most of the time everything works great. In addition to normal maximize, minimize and close buttons on each window I have the Ultramon Move Windows choice.

However, on some windows all those buttons get squashed on top of each other and there is no way to select the one you want. This isn't a function of Window size as it happens even on some maximized windows.

Any way to stop this annoying bug?
Christian Studer   2020-01-23 01:35
To fix this, go to UltraMon Options > Compatibility, then configure settings for the affected application and set the custom button spacing option.

Christian Studer -
sfmitch   2020-01-25 08:44
any resource on exactly what to do when I go to compatibility page? Thank you for reply.
Christian Studer   2020-01-25 14:32
Make sure the application is running, then go to UltraMon Options > Compatibility, click on Configure Settings, then select the application from the list and on the next page go to the custom button spacing option and enter the number of pixels by which the buttons should be moved to the left, I would start with 100 pixels and adjust as necessary.

Christian Studer -
sfmitch   2020-01-26 08:54
Thanks for clarifying. I'll give that a try.
unknownsoldierx   2020-02-24 17:53
Could you make it possible to use a negative number, to move buttons to the right?

The move-window button is the only button I use. For me, Firefox always has the move-window button hovering right next to the new-tab button, often partially covering the net-tab button which often causes me to move the window if I don't click carefully.

There is a sizable gap between the move-window button and the minimize button. I'd love to move the move-window button to the right 10 pixels or so.
Christian Studer   2020-02-25 14:04
I'll consider that for a future release, but there is a better way to do this with Firefox, from the Firefox menu select the Customize option, then place a Flexible Space item to the right of the tab controls on the title bar, this way you can make room for the UltraMon window buttons.

You could actually move the UltraMon buttons to the right as well by entering the value in the registry, to do this first set up compatibility settings for Firefox and enter some value for the custom button spacing option, then run regedit.exe and go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\AppCompat\firefox.exe and change the BtnSpacing value. The tricky thing is that you'll need to enter this in hexadecimal, there's no way to enter negative decimal numbers. For example -10 would be fffffff6, -20 would be ffffffec. The new setting will take effect after UltraMon has been restarted.

Christian Studer -
unknownsoldierx   2020-03-04 20:41
Thanks! Setting it to -20 in the registry works perfectly.
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