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Greg   2020-04-16 08:07
JeeveStobs   2020-07-29 08:53
Sad but true. UltraMon doesn't work reliably in Windows 10 Pro version 2004 build 19041.
bphem3   2021-01-06 14:04
When is the next release or update expected? Like the previous post mentions. Ultra Mon is not very stable or reliable in the latest builds of Windows 10. I am running Version 1909 OS Build 18363.1198.

I would gladly pay for an update if that is what is needed...
Christian Studer   2021-01-06 16:37
I don't have a date yet, but a new release is in the works.

What kind of issues do you have with 3.4.1? Works fine for me with Windows 10 version 2004.

Christian Studer -
bphem3   2021-02-25 07:13
I am now running Windows 10 Version 1909 OS Build 18363.1379 in a corporate environment. We have several users who have been using the program for more than 6 years on startup. We are experiencing several major compatibility issues with Windows 10. We primarily use UltraMon to move windows between multiple monitors and to stretch windows across multiple monitors. Our primary applications consist of Bentley MicroStation, Microsoft Office Suite, Teams, Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam, Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer. The longer the computer has been running the worse they seem to get. Restarting UltraMon helps for awhile but the problems creep back up. The following issues happen daily.

1. The program tends to lag and be generally very slow to respond. Often times when clicking Window Buttons nothing happens. You might click them several times. Then after a long delay (several seconds, maybe more) all the clicks seem to process at once and the screens will move rapidly. Sometimes nothing will happen at all and the Window Buttons won't respond until you right click on the tray icon.

2. Window Buttons will freeze on the Desktop and disappear from a program's Title Bar. The stay ghosted on the Desktop until restarting UltraMon.

3. The Move Window button will freeze on a hidden window. Clicking it does nothing until you right click on the tray icon then a blank window will appear on the adjacent monitor. I think this issue is directly related to a custom email alert window or calendar notification window from Outlook. We have enabled the "don't add custom buttons to dialogs and message boxes" but it does not make a difference for this particular issue.

4. Right clicking on the tray icon the program has significant lag and several seconds later the menu will pop up in a seemingly random location on the screen. Often times right clicking the tray icon is the only means to get UltraMon to respond to Window Button commands.

5. UltraMon is unable to recognize the changes to the Title Bar of programs that have added newer buttons and icons like Microsoft Office's Ribbon Display button or Microsoft Teams' user icon and org buttons. We work around this using the customizations feature to shift the Window Buttons. I guess its not an "issue" but rather more of a "nuisance".

That's all the stuff I can think of right now. I thought there were additional posts in this thread by other users that described some issues but that appear to have been deleted.

Overall the program feels relatively unstable in Windows 10 compared to how it operated in Windows 7 or even XP (yes, I was using it back then). I love the Window Move and Maximize Window Button. It's why we bought all our licenses many years ago. Frankly, I see these are necessities of a multiple monitor environment that should be have been a basic feature of Windows since the release of Windows 95.
Christian Studer   2021-02-25 17:20
This is with UltraMon 3.4.1?

Christian Studer -
bphem3   2021-02-28 10:56
Yes sir. 3.4.1 64-bit on a Lenovo T480s with Intel UHD 620 graphics. I display to multiple monitors via a Lenovo USB-C docking station.

From the About tab of UltraMon.
3 monitors
Current desktop: 3840x2160 (0,0 - 3840,2160)

Monitor 1 - HP E231i (primary):
Settings: 1920x1080, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 1920,1080. Workspace: 0,0 - 1920,1040
Video card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
Device: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Monitor 2 - HP E231i:
Settings: 1920x1080, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 1920,0 - 3840,1080. Workspace: 1920,0 - 3840,1040
Video card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
Device: \\.\DISPLAY2\Monitor0

Monitor 3 - Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1920x1080:
Settings: 1920x1080, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,1080 - 1920,2160. Workspace: 0,1080 - 1920,2120
Video card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
Device: \\.\DISPLAY3\Monitor0
Christian Studer   2021-03-02 02:38
Not sure what might cause the freeze issues, maybe a conflict with another application. You could run EnumHooks.exe and EnumHooksX64.exe and send me the generated log files to, this will show if other applications install hooks in 32- and 64-bit applications.

For #5 there's no other solution, UltraMon does try to detect custom window buttons, but this won't always work depending on how the application implements the buttons.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Current version: 3.4.1. Released Oct 4, 2018.

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